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The Charlotte Observer - Oct 06 10:15 PM
West Charlotte's seven sacks and two interceptions for touchdowns sure eased the pain of watching its offense gain 16 yards in the second half.

Notes: Garciaparra has torn quadriceps; Oakland tries to keep Thomas 
USA Today - Oct 06 6:27 PM
Dodgers first baseman Nomar Garciaparra has a tear in his left quadriceps and won't be in the lineup for Game 3 of their NL playoff series Saturday when Los Angeles tries to avoid getting swept by the New York Mets. It's unlikely Garciaparra would start another game in the postseason. Elsewhere, the Athletics have offered Frank Thomas a two-year deal.

Notes: Mets' rotation still in flux - Oct 05 6:26 PM
Notes: Mets' rotation still in flux

In place of the regular Jazz Notes feature, the following is a commentary on the Air jamaica jazz & Blues festival, by  
The Jamaica Observer - Oct 07 7:34 PM
Last August, Hurricane Katrina and the flood that followed devastated New Orleans.




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Suicide was one of the groundbreaking books in the field of sociology. Written by Émile Durkheim and published in 1897 cliffnotes it was a case study of suicide, a publication unique for its time which provided an example of what the clif notes sociological monograph should look like.

Most contemporary studies of suicide focused on individual cliff note characteristics. Durkheim studied connections between individuals and society. In this book Durkheim clifff notes developed the concept of cliff nots anomie. He explores the differing suicide rates among Protestants and Catholics, explaining that stronger social control among cliiff notes Catholics results in lower suicide rates. According to Durkheim, people have a certain level of attachment to their groups, ciff notes which he calls social cliff noted integration. Abnormally high or low levels of social integration may result in increased suicide rates; low levels have this clift notes effect because low social integration results in disorganized society, causing people to cliff notes turn to suicide as a last resort, while high free cliff notes levels cause people to kill themselves to avoid becoming burdens on society. This work has influenced proponents of control theory, and fast food nation cliff notes is often mentioned as a classic sociological study.

Durkheim found out that:

  • Suicide rates free cliff notes online are higher for widowed, single and divorced than married.
  • Suicide rates are higher for people without avi cliff notes children than with children.
  • Suicide rates are higher book cliff notes among Protestants than Catholics.

Reasons for these differing suicide rates include:

  • Most importantly, the coroner's interpretation of the death in cliff notes for the life of pi question. Due to slight differences online cliff notes between Protestants and Catholics -- specifically because suicide is a sin for Catholics -- the coroner in a the hiding place cliff notes Catholic country is less likely to record the death as a suicide. the world is flat cliff notes Take into account that if no suicide note is left, it is cliff notes for books all down to the coroner's interpretation.
  • Catholic countries tend to be slightly cliff notes the raven more integrated than Protestant, with closer family ties. This is basically the same cliff notes for rappaccini's daughter point as for why people who are married and/or have children commit less suicide. Simply put, mythology by edith hamilton cliff notes they have more to live for.

According to Durkheim, Catholic society has free cliff notes 20,000 leagues under the sea normal levels of integration while Protestant society has low levels. Durkheim thus defined suicide as the act free cliff notes on the crucible of severing social relationships and concluded that suicide may secret life of bees cliff notes be caused by weak social bonds. Durkheim believed that the social bond is composed the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy cliff notes of two factors, which are social integration (attachment to other individuals within society) and social regulation cliff notes for the lost horizon (attachment to society's norms). He believed that suicide rates may increase when cliff notes online extremeties in these factors occur.

He differentiated bible cliff notes between four types of suicide:

  • Egoistic suicide: Egoism is a state in which the ties attaching the individual to others in the society are cliff notes for summer reading weak. Since the individual is only weakly integrated into the society, ending his or her cliff notes for the scarlet pimpernel cliff notes for life of pi own life will have little impact on the rest of the society. In other words, there are few social ties to devil in the white city cliff notes keep the individual from taking his or her own life.
  • Altruistic suicide: Altruism is a state great expectations cliff notes is opposite to egoism, in illiad cliff notes which the individual is extremely attached to the society and thus into the wild cliff notes has no life of his or her own. Individuals who commit suicide based on altruism die because they believe that the education of a wasp cliff notes their death can bring about a benefit to the society. In the five people you meet in heaven cliff notes other words, when an individual is too heavily integrated into the society, he or she will bucking the sarge cliff notes commit suicide regardless of his or cliff notes for carnival of fury her own hesitation if the society's norms ask for the person's death.
  • Anomic suicide: Anomie is a state in which there cliff notes for silent spring is weak social regulation between the society's norms and the individual, cliff notes for the grapes of wrath most often brought on by dramatic changes in economic and/or social circumstances. This type of suicide happens when cliff notes for the learning tree the social norms and laws governing the society cliff notes for to kill a mocking bird do not correspond with the life goals of the individual. Since the individual does not identify with the norms cliff notes for walking across egypt of the society, suicide seems to be a way cliff notes on illustrated man to escape them.
  • Fatalistic suicide: Fatalism is a state opposite to anomie in which social cliff notes on phaedra regulation is completely instilled in the individual; there is no cliff notes on the hiding place hope of change against the oppressive discipline of the cliff notes on wolf rider by avi society. The only way for the individual to be released from this state cliff notes the watsons go to birmingham is to commit suicide.


  • Durkheim, Suicide, (1897), The Free Press reprint 1997, ISBN 0-684-83632-7

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