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NetSuite Offers Life-Time Fixed Price for Switchers 

[Press Release] PR Newswire via Yahoo! Finance - 4 minutes ago
NetSuite, Inc., the leader in on-demand business software suites, today announced a package to eliminate the "sticker shock" users feel when they get a renewal notice that is much higher than their original subscription.

Wholesale Liquidator, CMD Wholesale Announces “Wholesale Clothing & Wholesale Jewelry Small Lots a Big Hit with  
[Press Release] PR Web via Yahoo! News - Oct 08 5:00 AM
(PRWEB) October 8, 2006 -- announced that it now offers business start-ups a chance to compete with the larger wholesale buyer, with its small wholesale product lots available for purchase in as little as 10 units.

Why you need UPS 
The Charlotte Observer - Oct 08 6:18 AM
A bald man notices changing seasons well before people who own combs and brushes.

Osprey Acquisitions raises offer for AWG to 1,578p/share; ups stake to 21.1 pct 
Sharewatch - 2 hours, 3 minutes ago
Osprey Acquisitions, a consortium of mainly Canadian pension funds, said that including shares held by the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, with whom it is deemed to be acting in concert, it controls 22.1 pct of AWG.




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United Parcel Service Inc.
Type Public (NYSE: UPS)
Founded August 28, 1907, upscom Seattle, WA
Headquarters Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Key people Michael L. Eskew, Chairman & CEO
Industry Air Courier
Products Freight Forwarding ups comm Services
Logisticts Services
Revenue $42.581 billion USD (2005)
Operating income $6.143 billion USD (2005)
Net www pop ups com income $3.870 billion USD (2005)
Employees 407,000 (2006)

United Parcel Service Inc. (NYSE: UPS) is the pop ups com world's largest package delivery company, delivering more than 14 no pop ups com million packages a day to more than 200 countries around com jobs ups the world. It has recently expanded its operations to include logistics and other info http www softpedia com prog transportation-related areas. It is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

UPS is well-known for its brown trucks, internally known ups com as package cars (hence the company nickname "The Big Brown Machine", and sometimes, ups derivery jobs in columbus oh com because of its NASCAR-related commercials, "The #88 Car"). The brown ups com jobs color that ups jobs com UPS uses on its vehicles and uniforms is called UPS brown, which www ups com was chosen because it is the same color that that was used www ups csplans com on Pullman railroad sleeper cars, which was seen as professional and elegant. UPS has trademarked the color brown, which prevents www ups com jobs other delivery companies from using it as part of www ups jobs com their brand. UPS also operates its own airline (IATA: no more messenger pop ups com 5X, ICAO: UPS, and Callsign: UPS ) based in Louisville, Kentucky.

In April 2003, UPS unveiled the new logo, replacing the ww ups com iconic package and shield www apps ups com originally designed in 1961 by Paul Rand. It also shortened its name from "United www ups job com Parcel Service" to simply "UPS".

Major competitors include United States Postal Service (USPS), FedEx, and DHL. wwwapps ups com Historically, UPS only faced competition from billingcenter ups com USPS for the inexpensive ground based delivery market. However, FedEx recently expanded into the ground market by acquiring RPS com http jobs ups www (originally Roadway Package System) and rebranded it as FedEx Ground. In addition, DHL acquired Airborne search www ups jobs com Express. This acquisition significantly increases show me ups com phone list DHL's presence in the U.S. which will add more competition to the ground delivery market.

UPS entered the heavy freight tracking ups com business with its ups jobs http www denverbrown co purchase of Menlo Worldwide Forwarding, a former subsidiary of Menlo Worldwide. The purchase ups jobs http www jobdango com j was announced on December 20, 2004, the price was US$150 million and the assumption of US$110million in long term debt. ups jobs on line com Menlo Worldwide was the successor ups stores com of Emery Worldwide. Emery was grounded on August 13, 2001 after a DC-8-71F crashed in Northern California.

On August 5, 2005 www jobs ups com UPS announced that it had completed its acquisition of Overnite Transportation for $1.25 billion. This was approved by the FTC and Overnite shareholders on August 4, 2005. On April 28, 2006, Overnite officially became UPS Freight.

UPS also owns Mail Boxes Etc. which franchises The UPS Store and Mail Boxes Etc. retail shops.


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  • 3 Personnel structure
    • 3.1 Chief executives
  • 4 System design
  • 5 UPS Airlines Fleet
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In 1907, 19-year-old Jim Casey founded the American Messenger Company in Seattle, Washington with $100 borrowed from a friend. In 1913, Jim Casey and Evert McCabe agreed to merge. Merchants Parcel Delivery was formed and focused on packages. In 1919, the company expanded beyond Seattle and changed their name to United Parcel Service.

  • 1913: The first delivery car appeared, a Model T Ford. Merged with a competitor, Evert McCabe and formed Merchants Parcel Delivery. Consolidated delivery was also introduced, combining packages addressed to a certain neighbourhood onto one delivery vehicle.
  • 1918: A new member was recruited, Charles W. Soderstrom, who helped manage their ever growing fleet of delivery vehicles.
  • 1919: Service expanded into Oakland, California. The name United Parcel Service was adopted.
  • 1930: A consolidated service began in New York, and soon after began operations in other major cities in the east and midwest. First mechanical system for package sorting. Accountant George D. Smith joined the company. The name United Parcel Service was adopted all over the country. 'United' due to shipments being consolidated and 'Service' because service is all they have to offer. All UPS vehicles were then painted the familiar Pullman brown, chosen because it is neat, dignified and professional.
  • 1940–1959: Services were expanded by acquiring "common carrier" rights to deliver packages between all addresses, any customer, private and commercial.
UPS Boat on Canal Grande, Venice, Italy
  • 1945: The Blue Air Label began service in Toronto, Canada (YYZ) in 1945.
  • 1952: Blue Label Air
  • 1975: UPS were serving the 48 contiguous states of the USA.
  • 1976: UPS established itself in Europe with a domestic operation in West Germany. Blue Label Air.
  • 1982: UPS Next Day Air Service is offered in the US and Blue Label Air becomes UPS 2nd Day Air Service.

UPS' Political Action Committee has been the most generous corporate giver to federal candidates for every election since 1992, donating a total of $14 million through Dec. 31, 2005 according to Federal Election Commission records.

October 3, 2005, UPS in the United Kingdom completed the purchase of LYNX Express Ltd, one of the UK's largest independent parcel carriers, for £55.5 million (US$97.1 million) after having received approval for the transaction from the European Commission. The first joint package car centre operation, in Dartford, east London, was opened during mid-2006. Dartford Centre carries the SLIC GB1330.

UPS also recently partnered with competitor USPS in offering UPS Mail Innovations, a program that allows UPS to pick up mail and transfer it to a USPS center for final distribution. citation needed]

April 20, 2006, UPS today reported earnings per diluted share of $0.89, up 14.1% over the prior year. Results were driven by a 9% increase in global small package volume or 1.24 million packages per day, outpacing worldwide market growth.

Other codes

  • AAR Reporting Marks: UPOZ, UPST, UPSZ, UPWZ
  • Intermodal Reporting Marks: UPSU, FSTU, UPSC

Personnel structure

UPS employs approximately 407,200 staff, with 348,400 in the U.S. and 58,800 internationally.

Chief executives

  • 1907–1962 James E. Casey
  • 1962–1972 George D. Smith
  • 1972–1973 Paul Oberkotter
  • 1973–1980 Harold Oberkotter
  • 1980–1984 George Lamb
  • 1984–1990 John W. Rogers
  • 1990–1997 Kent C. "Oz" Nelson
  • 1997–2001 James P. "Jim" Kelly
  • 2002–Present Michael L. "Mike" Eskew

System design

UPS package cars

UPS's Parcel Network is based on a hub and spoke model. UPS operates centers which feed parcels to hubs where parcels are sorted and forwarded to their destinations. Centers typically are the point of entry for parcels and send the parcels to one or more hubs. A hub is a location where many centers send packages to be sorted and sent back out to other centers or hubs. For example, a parcel being shipped from Wilmington, NC to San Francisco, CA is picked up by a driver and taken to the 23rd street center in Wilmington, where it is loaded on a trailer and driven to Raleigh, NC. At Raleigh, the package would join packages from all over North Carolina and be forwarded to the Chicago Area Consolidated Hub in Hodgkins, IL. After arriving there, it would be loaded onto a trailer and sent by rail (trailer on flat car in most cases) to North Bay, CA where it would then be forwarded to the delivery center, loaded onto the delivery vehicle, and transported to its final destination.

UPS Airlines Fleet

UPS Airbus A300F4-622R

Employees : 18,138
Delivery Fleet: 235 UPS Jet Aircraft (as of November 2005)

  • 47 Airbus A300-600R
  • 13 Boeing 727-100
  • 7 Boeing 747-100
  • 4 Boeing 747-200
  • 75 Boeing 757-200
  • 32 Boeing 767-300ERF
  • 41 McDonnell Douglas DC-8-71/73
  • 17 McDonnell Douglas MD-11F

UPS Airlines has ordered ten Airbus A380 freighters and has options on ten more. As part of the deal it is reducing an existing commitment for ninety Airbus A300 freighters to fifty three, forty six of which are already in service [1]. UPS Airlines will receive the A380 aircraft between 2009 and 2012 (ref: Airliner World, March 2005). UPS has also ordered eight Boeing 747-400 freighters to increase capacity on its major "trunk" routes to Europe, Asia, and North America. These are expected to be delivered in June 2007 and go on through 2008 (UPS press release, 17 August 2005).

Most UPS Airlines flights go through the UPS Worldport at Louisville International Airport.


United Parcel Service is not without unhappy customers due to alleged incidents of mishandling of packages or difficulty making insurance claims for packages lost or damaged. Several unhappy customers have gone so far as to dedicate entire websites to their complaints about the company. A customer from Michigan created a site that allows others to post their experiences called United Package Smashers. Other customers have chosen to post only their own complaints, for example A Shipment to My Daughter. Still others have used consumer feedback sites like to register their unhappiness.

In addition, several hundred storeowners of both unrebranded MBEs and UPS stores are currently in litigation with their franchisor, UPS, over disputes surrounding the rebranding. Most claim that UPS bought the franchise to enrich UPS at the expense of the storeowners. A motion to dismiss the charges was denied, and the lawsuits continue forward. citation needed]


  • NASCAR driver Dale Jarrett has appeared in UPS commercials, and his No. 88 Ford Fusion is sponsored by the company. In most of the commercials, UPS employees (and sometimes his father, Ned Jarrett, even kids in the shopping mall where Jarrett is shopping, and well-known celebrities) constantly ask Jarrett to race their trucks, and one new ad features all company trucks' being replaced by copycats of his Ford, complete with the No. 88 and UPS logo.
  • UPS delivered four whale sharks from Taiwan to the Georgia Aquarium.
  • UPS recently announced that it will continue its relationship with Dale Jarrett by moving with him to Michael Waltrip Racing, racing Toyota Camrys in 2007. There was some speculation that UPS wanted to stay with Robert Yates Racing and hire a young driver to compete with competitor FedEx's NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin.
  • UPS's total United Way contribution of more than $57.3 million sets a new national record.
  • UPS Brown is a trademark of the company.
  • UPS Brown is often erroneously referred to as Pantone color 0607298. 0607298 is not a valid Pantone number. citation needed]
  • UPS inspired the off-Broadway musical Romance on Wheels during World War II.
  • The body design of the "package cars" is unique to UPS, and are only operated by them. Retired cars are scrapped and dismantled, and never sold for reuse. The manufacturer's name, Grumman-Olson, is not displayed on the outside of the car.
  • Ups in most languages other than English is pronounced "oops", the sound following a minor accident. The pronunciation "ups" is the same as the English "oops." citation needed]

See also

  • List of United Parcel Service hubs
  • Worldport (UPS air hub)
  • MaxiCode — the new, square barcode-like symbols appearing on UPS packages
  • Charles McKinley
  • FedEx (competitor)
  • DHL (competitor)
  • USPS (competitor)

External links

  • UPS corporate website, shipping, tracking, service information
  • UPS Remote VPN Access — Requires RSA Token
  • Yahoo! — United Parcel Service, Inc. Company Profile
  • Brown Cafe — Information and resources for UPS employees, retirees and shareowners. Not sponsored or endorsed by United Parcel Service
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  • U.S. Mail holidays - UPS holidays - FedEx holidays - Internet Accuracy Project
  • UPS’s New Hydraulic Hybrid Available For Test Ride In NYC


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  • Trains News Wire (May 17, 2005), UPS to buy Overnite trucking company. Retrieved May 18, 2005.
  • SmartMoney Magazine (Nov 11, 2003), 10 Things Your Delivery Service Won't Tell You. Retrieved May 24, 2006.

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