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Bears are so good it's not fair 

The Beacon News - Oct 08 11:33 PM
How many players would the Bears have had to lend Buffalo to have made Sunday's game an actual contest? Would giving the Bills the quarterback, two guys from each line, a safety, a linebacker, a couple of receivers and the kicker have been enough?

Hopefully top Illini recruit didn't stay until the end 
The Beacon News - Oct 08 7:51 AM
With any luck at all, Eric Gordon still doesn't know the final score. Maybe the Indianapolis prep basketball wonder-boy -- and, Bruce Weber hopes, future Fighting Illini superstar -- watched only the first quarter of Saturday's Illinois-Indiana football game and then found something else to do.

David Zucker GOP 
The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles - Oct 06 12:10 PM
The one item in the story of producer David Zucker which describes the political arena today quotes Mr. Zucker as saying the Democratic Party has changed highlights my thoughts exactly.

Our new "Jew Tube" videos 
The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles - Oct 05 3:43 PM
I've been experimenting with online videos -- the latest one is from LA/NY 's Hip Hop Hoodios and it's called "Kike on the Mic." Of course, they use 'kike' and 'yid' ironically -- "taking back the word" -- much like gay activists embrace the word 'queer.'




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