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Asian Stocks Drop After North Korea Nuclear Test; Samsung Falls - 40 minutes ago
Oct. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Asian stocks dropped after North Korea said it carried out a nuclear weapons test. Samsung Electronics Co. and China Mobile Ltd. led declines.

Asian Stocks Drop After North Korea Nuclear Test; Samsung Falls - Oct 08 11:23 PM
Oct. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Asian stocks dropped after North Korea said it detonated a nuclear bomb. Samsung Electronics Co. and China Mobile Ltd. led declines.

Asian Stocks Fall After North Korea Nuclear Test; Samsung Drops - Oct 08 10:23 PM
Oct. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Asian stocks dropped after North Korea said it detonated a nuclear bomb, defying calls for restraint from world leaders. Samsung Electronics Co. and China Mobile Ltd. led declines.

Asian Stocks Fall After North Korea Nuclear Test; Samsung Drops - Oct 08 8:27 PM
Oct. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Asian stocks tumbled after the official Korea Central News Agency said North Korea ``safely and successfully conducted an underground nuclear test.'' Samsung Electronics Co. and China Mobile Ltd. led declines.




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Type Public
Founded 1938
Headquarters South Korea
Key people Lee Byung-chul
Industry Electronics, Finances, Insurance
Revenue $79.5 billion (2005)
Net income $7.5 billion
Employees ?
Samsung Group
Hangul: 삼성
Hanja: 三星
Revised Romanization: Samseong
McCune-Reischauer: Samsŏng

The Samsung Group is samsund composed of numerous South Korean businesses including Samsung Electronics. It is helmed by samaung Chairman Kun-hee Lee. The name "Samsung" means "three stars" or amsung "tristar" in Korean. Samsung was founded by Lee samsung Byung-chul.


  • 1 History
    • 1.1 1950s ringtones for a samsung - 1980s
    • 1.2 The 1990s and present
  • 2 Markets
    • 2.1 Legitimate samsung phones inheritance but expediential ways
    • 2.2 Circular samsung cell phones investment
    • 2.3 Lawsuits against the company
  • 3 Sports samsung a900 sponsorship
  • 4 Subsidiaries of the Samsung Group
    • 4.1 Electronics samsung d407 industries
    • 4.2 Machinery and heavy industries
    • 4.3 Chemical industries
    • 4.4 Financial services
    • 4.5 Retail samsung mobile phones services
    • 4.6 Engineering samsung plasma tv & construction
    • 4.7 Entertainment
    • 4.8 Others
  • 5 See also
  • 6 External free ringtones samsung links


1950s - 1980s

  • 1953: Lee Byoung-chul founds Samsung trading company in Daegu ([YPM])
  • 1953: Samsung starts sugar production, which has since been samsung electronics spun off into the CJ Corporation.
  • 1958: Samsung starts samsung hdtv insurance business.
  • 1963: The first Shinsegye department store opens in Kwanjou.
  • 1965: Samsung starts the Joong-Ang Ilbo daily newspaper, which samsung t809 is no longer affiliated with the company.
  • 1969: Samsung Electronics samsung televisions was founded.
  • 1974: Samsung Petrochemical and Heavy Industries samsung e900 was founded.
  • 1976: The company was awarded an export prize by the government as a part of samsung d900 the country's development program.
  • 1977: As a result of this export prize, Samsung Construction emerged. In addition, samsung lcd tv Samsung Shipbuilding is formed.
  • 1982: Samsung establishes a professional baseball team.
  • 1983: Samsung produces its first computer chip: a 64k DRAM chip.
  • Towards the samsung d600 end of the 1980's, samsung a930 Samsung pushed its efforts in petrochemicals and electronics

The 1990s and present

The 1990s saw samsung dlp Samsung rise as an international corporation. samsung lcd televisions Not only did it acquire a number of businesses abroad, but also began leading the way in certain electronic components. Samsung's construction branch was awarded samsung dlp televisions a contract to build one of samsung lcd the two Petronas Towers in Malaysia in September 1993 and the samsung portable dvd players Burj Dubai in 2004, which is set to be tallest structure ever created samsung sch-a930 by mankind.

Compared to other major Korean companies, Samsung survived the Asian financial crisis of 1997-98 relatively unharmed. However, Samsung Motor Co, samsung t629 a $5 billion venture was sold to Renault at a significant loss. Most importantly, Samsung samsung cell phone Electronics (SEC) samsung refrigerator was officially spun-off from the Samsung Group and has since come to dominate the group and the worldwide semiconductor business, even samsung d500 surpassing worldwide leader Intel in investments for the 2005 fiscal year. Samsung's brand samsung a640 strength has greatly improved in the last few years, despite samsung c417 scandals and political intrigue.

Considered a strong competitor by its rivals, Samsung Electronics (SEC) expanded production dramatically to samsung digital camera become the world's largest manufacturer of samsung mobile DRAM chips, refrigerators, flash memory, dvd-combo drives and it aims to double sales and become the top manufacturer free samsung ringtones of 20 products globally by samsung q1 2010. It is now one of the world's leading manufacturers of plasma displays and next generation mobile phones. Due samsung refrigerators to its involvement in many fields, Samsung is involved in samsung digital cameras many legal controversies, such as patent infringements against other companies like samsung hl-s5679w Fujitsu, who claim to have created plasma display technology first. Samsung has also faced controversy in Korea for its anti-worker policies, although such claims samsung vacuum cleaner filters discount samsung dlp hdtv are widely disputed.

Samsung Electronics saw record profits and revenue in 2004, and in 2005, overtook Sony samsung lcd hdtv as one of the worlds most valuable consumer electronics brands, and is now ranked #20 in the world overall.

On November samsung sch-a990 30, 2005 Samsung plead guilty to a charge samsung vacuum cleaner online it participated in DRAM price fixing collusion during samsung vacuum cleaner replacement 1999-2002 that damaged competition and raised PC prices. In a deal with prosecutors, Samsung Electronics Co. directv hdtv receiver samsung Ltd. and its U.S. subsidiary, Samsung Semiconductor Inc., are to pay $300 million fine. As a samsung directv hdtv result of this investigation, Hynix was to pay $185 million in samsung a990 2005, Infineon: $160 million in 2004. Micron Technology, the US firm who initiated the case, cooperated with prosecutors and samsung phone no fine is expected. Recently, a severely weakened samsung a950 Micron has teamed up with Intel to take on Samsung in the lucrative NAND flash business, although Intel t mobile samsung phones t mobile samsung phones has no desire to fully engage samsung plasma hdtv Samsung after Samsung drove Intel out of the flash business.

By late 2005, Samsung had a net samsung vacuum cleaner information worth of US$77.6 billion.


Currently, Samsung has sixteen products that have dominated the world’s samsung lcd hdtv monitor market share, including: DRAM, color cathode-ray tube TVs (CPT, CDT), SRAM, TFT-LCD glass samsung t509 substrates, TFT-LCD, STN-LCD, tuner, CDMA handset, color television (CTV), monitor, flash memory, LCD Driver IC samsung hdtv tuner (LDI), PDP module, PCB for handheld (mobile phone plates), Flame Retardant ABS, and Dimethyl samsung hdtv receiver Formamide (DMF).

According to Interbrand and BusinessWeek, Samsung’s brand samsung hdtv reviews value ranked 43rd (USD 5.2billion) in 2000, 42nd (USD 6.4 billion) in 2001, 34th (USD 8.3 samsung 204b billion) in 2002, 25th samsung drivers (USD 10.8 billion) in 2003, 21st (USD 12.5 billion) in 2004, and 20th (14.9 billion) in samsung 42 dlp hdtv 2005 among top global companies.

In terms of export that directly contributes to the Korean economy, Samsung samsung 50 dlp hdtv took up 18.1% of the all exports with USD 31.2 billion in 2000 and 20.7% samsung ringtones with USD 52.7 billion in samsung memory 2004. In addition, Samsung's tax payments to the Korean government in 2003 was KRW 6.5 trillion, which is about 6.3% of total tax free samsung tones revenue.

The market value of Samsung in samsung 26 lcd hdtv monitor 1997 reached KRW 7.3 trillion in 1997, which amounted to 10.3% samsung 27 hdtv of the Korean market but this figure increased to KRW 90.8 trillion taking up 22.4% in hdtv plasma samsung 2004.

Moreover, the annual net profit of Samsung marked KRW 5.8 trillion in 2001, KRW 11.7 trillion samsung 50plasma hdtv sp50l7hx in 2002, KRW 7.4 trillion in 2003, and KRW 15.7 samsung copiers trillion in 2004, showing forth a steady increase.

In order to enhance the samsung lrn328d hdtv working environment and build a strong and trustworthy foundation, the semiconductor sector of Samsung Electronics has been conducting samsung 32 lcd hdtv monitor a ‘Great Workplace Program’ called GWP since 1998. Then, in 2003, GWP has samsung 46 dlp hdtv spread throughout the entire Samsung samsung hdtv crt Group as Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance, Samsung SDI, Samsung Everland, Samsung Corporation, samsung helix Cheil Industries, Samsung Networks, and others started to apply its core principles. In 2006, 9 subsidiary companies of Samsung Electronics, 80 samsung camera overseas branches, and 130 overseas business sectors have samsung televisions samsung televisions reported that they are actively applying the GWP.

Dramatic surge in Net Profits starting in the late samsung a900 accessories 90's: $2.2Bil (1999), $7.3Bil (2000), $8.9Bil (2002), $11.8Bil (2004).

Samsung's Brand Value conducted by Interbrand of the world's top 100 samsung 47 hdtv brands: samsung hdtv 1080i $6.4Bil (2001), $8.3Bil(2002), $10.8Bil(2003), $12.5Bil(2004), $14.9Bil(2005).

Market Capitalization (Ratio to the total market value of all Korean listed stocks):A dramatic increase from 7.3 trillion KRW, 10.3% samsung lns4092d of the total national listing value in 1997. At the samsung t209 end of 2004 national listing value in samsung usa 22.4%.

Samsung's Annual Profits Growth: $4.5Bil (2001), $8.9Bil (2002), $5.6Bil (2003), $11.8Bil (2004) and Debt-to-Equity samsung crt hdtv Ratio Decrease: 104% (2000), 78% (2001), 68% (2002), 56% (2003), 51% (2004).

On May samsung hdtv service manual 24, 1966, Samsung was detected by Busan customs smuggling 2259 sacks(55 tons) of saccharin, an artificial sweetener widely used in South samsung i730 Korea samsung sch-a870 before sugar. Samsung imported it as construction materials for a newly constructed factory. samsung sch-i730 Busan customs confiscated the remaining 1059 sacks of it and fined 20 million Woncitation needed].

Legitimate inheritance but expediential ways

In October 1996, Samsung Everland, the samsung vacuum cleaner review biggest amusement park in samsung 23 lcd hdtv monitor South Korea, issued 1.28 million convertible bonds ('CBs'), each valued at 7,700 Won - considerably cheaper than the company's 42 hdtv plasma samsung stock price at the time of 100,000 Won. free ringtones 4 samsung All shareholders were not given the right to buy these bonds, with the exception of the son and daughters of samsung 32 hdtv chairman Lee Kun-hee. Within a short time, the children converted their bonds samsung i830 into stocks, thus becoming the major shareholders of Samsung Everland. This simple process garnered profits of 120 billion samsung mp3 Won (about 120 million dollars). In March 24, 1997, Samsung Electronics used samsung portable dvd players samsung portable dvd players the same method, issuing bonds of 60 billion Won to generate samsung unlock another 45 billion Won (about 45 50 hdtv samsung million dollars) of profits for the family. On February 26, 1999, instead of convertible bonds, samsung 42 plasma hdtv Samsung SDS issued not convertible bonds but Bonds samsung 54 hdtv monitor with Warrants (BWs) at the undervalued price of 7,150 Won. At that time the exact stock price was not known samsung hdtv monitor as Samsung SDS was not listed, samsung hdtv reciever however, indications are that the stock traded at 54,000-59,000 Won on the Over The Counter market.

The methods outlined above allowed the samsung hdtv decoder children of Lee Kun-hee to become the richest in South Korea, as well hdtv samsung as successfully assume control of samsung x820 the Samsung Group.

Circular investment

The relations of Samsung companies are very complicated. According to the 46 dlp hdtv samsung Financial Supervisory Service of South Korea, Samsung Everland owns 13.3% of Samsung Life Insurance; Samsung Life Insurance holds 34.5% of Samsung Card directv hdtv samsung and 7.2% of Samsung Electronics, as well samsung 46 hdtv as more of other Samsung companies; Samsung Electronics in samsung 50 hdtv turns keeps 46.0% of Samsung Card and stocks of other Samsung companies; and finally, Samsung Card holds 25.6% of Samsung Everland.

The family of samsung dynaflat hdtv Lee Kun-hee owns 40% of samsung e370 Samsung Everland, whilst Samsung Card holds 25.6%, and related people have another 30%. Thus it is thought that Lee controls samsung wep200 95% of Samsung Everland. antenna hdtv samsung Control of one company, through the circular investment, enables the Lee family to control other Samsung companies despite having only ltn406w 40 wide hdtv monitor samsung lcd tv relatively minor holdings.

Lawsuits against samsung 26 hdtv the company

According to reports, Samsung was sued in 2006 by companies samsung 30 hdtv 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, Time Warner, Walt Disney, and Universal Studios. The big five US movie studios claims that one of Samsung's samsung 56 dlp hdtv DVD players can be used samsung slimfit hdtv to avoid encryption technology.

A Samsung spokesman "guessed that the film makers take issue with DVD-HD841, samsung x497 which Samsung sold in the United States between June and October 2004. If so, I samsung 40 hdtv do not know why the movie studios are complaining about samsung a850 the products, of which production was brought to an end more than 15 months ago. We stopped manufacturing the model after concerns samsung cell phone battery erupted that its copy-protection features can be circumvented by sophisticated samsung samsung users."

Sports sponsorship

Samsung owns the soccer team, Suwon Samsung Bluewings, in South Korea.

Samsung signed the samsung 56 hdtv second biggest sponsorship deal in English soccer samsung a870 history with Premiership Champions Chelsea FC. The five-year deal is estimated to be worth £50 samsung australia million.

The company sponsors the Sydney Roosters in the Australian NRL rugby league 1995-1997 2004-present. It samsung laser printer toner cartridge also sponsors the Melbourne Victory soccer samsung z400 club in the Australian A-League and Sport Club Corinthians Paulista in Brazil's Série A.

Samsung co-sponsors, along with Radio Shack, the Samsung/Radio Shack hdtv monitor samsung 500 NASCAR race.

Samsung sponsors samsung 23 lcd hdtv Show Jumping's Nations Cup Super League from 1996.

Samsung is the Worldwide Partner for samsung plasma television the Olympic Games since 1997.

Samsung has been active in endorsing video game competitions, serving as a uk samsung ws32z409tqx sponsor for the World Cyber Games and the professional samsung 27 inch hdtv gaming team, Samsung Khan

Subsidiaries of the Samsung Group

Electronics industries

  • Samsung Electronics
  • Samsung Electric
  • Samsung SDI
  • Samsung Corning
  • Samsung SDS
  • Samsung Networks
  • Samsung Corning Precision Glass
  • Samsung Techwin

Machinery and samsung appliances heavy industries

  • Samsung Heavy Industries
  • Samsung Techwin
  • Samsung Engineering

Chemical industries

  • Samsung Total
  • Samsung Petrochemicals
  • Samsung Precision Chemicals
  • Samsung BP samsung e720 Chemicals

Financial services

  • Samsung Life
  • Samsung Fire
  • Samsung Card
  • Samsung Securities
  • Samsung Investment Trust Management
  • Samsung Venture samsung printer Investment

Retail services

  • Samsung Corporation
  • Samsung Plaza

Engineering & construction

  • Samsung Constructions
  • Samsung Engineering


  • Suwon Samsung Bluewings
  • Everland
  • Samsung Lions
  • Samsung Khan
  • Hotel Silla


  • Samsung Advanced Institute of samsung amplified indoor hdtv antenna Technology
  • Samsung Economic Research Institute
  • Cheil Communications (No 1. Ad agency samsung hdtv ready in Korea)
  • S1 Corp.
  • Renault Samsung Motors
  • Samsung Cheil Apparel
  • Samsung Medical samsung lcd televisions samsung lcd televisions Center
  • Samsung Manpower Association
  • Samsung Culture Association
  • Samsung Welfare Association
  • Samsung Media Association
  • Samsung Hoam Association

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