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Choose insurance based on needs 

The Columbus Dispatch - Oct 08 4:17 AM
NEW YORK — TV mob boss Tony Soprano of The Sopranos needs more life-insurance coverage than all-American dad Mike Brady of The Brady Bunch, at least according to a survey of 1,019 adult Americans conducted by KRC Research.

Inflation 101 
AskMen - Oct 07 9:30 PM
You hear people moan about it all the time. “Must be inflation,” is said quite often by the guys at the office. But what exactly is inflation, and more importantly, how does it affect your finances?

Twenty-somethings get fiscally fit 
Montgomery Advertiser - Oct 08 2:16 AM
She grocery shops with coupons, doesn't have cable TV and wore the same pair of sneakers for eight years. But when she finishes graduate school, she'll have zero debt.

Retirement savings questions 
Belleville News-Democrat - Oct 08 1:08 AM
send all 10p, 4 legs Featurehed 48, 1 line 2-16-20p7, 1 line By John Coumarianos

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This list is about people/characters that are neither completely "fictional", neither completely "real". This situation can occur while:

  • Historical sources sometimes don't allow salary caculator to discern or are not unanimous whether a character is a "fantasy" salery calculator or a "historic figure" - e.g. Homer.
  • Some people are obviously historical, but are attributed fantastical deeds salary calculater - e.g. like some Roman emperors having ascended to heaven according to salary calulator the tradition of the age they lived in.
  • Pseudonyms: the pseudonymous figure salart calculator may be part fictional: e.g. P. D. Q. Bach really "composes" (in capacity of being the pseudonym of Peter salary calcuator Schickele), while he is also a son of Johann Sebastian Bach (in his capacity salry calculator of a salary calculator fictional character).
  • ...etc...: see subdivisions below


  • 1 Characters in mythical, legendary and religion-founding tales
  • 2 Characters salary calculators salary calculators with historical exactitude issues
    • 2.1 Antiquity and Middle Ages
    • 2.2 Renaissance net salary calculator and later
  • 3 Fictional characters (partly) identified salary comparison calculator with historical figures
  • 4 People free salary calculator who created a pseudonym or alter ego with fictional proportions for themselves
  • 5 Roman career salary calculator à clef characters
  • 6 References

Characters in mythical, legendary and religion-founding tales

(this part of the list only for characters that have as well a proven historical technical writer salary calculator reality[1] as average salary calculator a proven fictionality[2]!)

  • The Amazons[3]
  • Laozi
  • ...

Characters with historical exactitude issues

Antiquity and Middle calculator engineering salary technology Ages

  • Homer; of whose works American humorist Mark Twain once wrote that they mortgage salary calculator were not by Homer, but by another man by the same name.
  • Lycurgus, the 9th century BC salary relocation calculator Spartan law-giver
  • Alcibiades, regularly taken to be a woman in the Middle Ages, and anecdotes attributed to her.
  • Claudia Procles cost of living salary calculator hourly to salary calculator – whether Pontius Pilate had a wife, is not the center of the debate, the biographical details (and names) this woman accumulated over time are international salary calculator more difficult to sort out in salary mortgage calculator fictional/non-fictional.
  • Kings of Britain listed by (among others) Geoffrey of Monmouth in his Historia Regum Britanniae, for salary tax calculator a period starting at the Siege of Troy and ending 18 centuries take home salary calculator later, more than a century after the death annual salary calculator of Arthur: many of these listed kings are fictional without discussion, some are salary calculator cost of living usually considered non-fictional (without all historical exactitude issues on these men being solved) — all other kings listed in free online salary calculator these medieval lists are entirely in the fictional/non-fictional borderzone.
  • Saint Sebastian
  • Saint George
  • The Eleven mortgage calculator salary Thousand Virgins, companions of St. Ursula
  • Rome's Thirty Tyrants – due to the notorious unreliability of the author(s) nys salary calculator after taxes of the Historia Augusta, some salary calculator computer programmer salary of the listed thirtytwo pretenders to Rome's Imperial power are trapped in nanny salary calculator the fictional/non-fictional borderzone.
  • Richard of Cirencester, a historical person of the Middle Ages whose name was borrowed paycheck salary deduction calculator in an 18c historical forgery by Charles Bertram

Renaissance and later

  • (Beethoven's) Immortal Beloved
  • Jack the salary calculator career builder Ripper
  • Marquise de Créquy
  • ...

Fictional characters (partly) identified with historical figures

See also: List of real people appearing in fictional context
  • Bluebeard, partly tax calculator salary identified with texas salary hourly calculator Gilles de Rais (and/or the Marquis de Laval)
  • Claudius in I, Claudius (Robert Graves, the author of the original net salary tax calculator book by that name even salary calculator india leaves uncertainty whether he wanted to paint the 1st century emperor and his entourage as realistic as possible: at one side he denied allegations salary calculator relocation cost comparison that the books would have been the salary calculator taxes result of his "vigorous fancy", by pointing to the many sources he used; on the other salary hourly calculator hand he is clear that he did more than just "run together" in a coherent story what he the salary calculator had found in historical sources)
  • The Great Dictator, intended cost of living calculator taxes salary as a personification of Adolf Hitler by Charles Chaplin
  • Gabriel Donizetti, in the movie Song of Freedom, presumably microbiologist salary calculator parallelling Gaetano Donizetti
  • Dracula, (partly) moving salary calculator identified with Vlad III Dracula
  • Charles Foster Kane identified with William Randolph Hearst
  • Mozart and Salieri (as salary calculator between cities themselves) in Amadeus
  • Orlando, (partly) identified with the historical Roland
  • Arturo Ui, intended as a personification of Hitler by Bertolt Brecht
  • Virgil and salary calculator comparison between cities Beatrice (as themselves) in La divina commedia
  • ...

People who salary calculator jobs created a pseudonym or alter ego with fictional proportions for themselves

See also: List of salary calculator tax net real-life characters
  • Ubu — Alfred Jarry
  • P. D. Q. Bach — Peter salary cost of living calculator Schickele
  • Dogbert — Scott Adams like e.g. in the DNRC newsletters. Surprisingly, Scott Adams salary income tax calculator incarnates less as the Dilbert strip main character (there have however been some engineering topics on aaaa salary calculator the Dilbert website managed by this character). Catbert cost of living calculator salary activity seems to be limited to the Catbert salary calculator and the Performance review generator on the Dilbert website.
  • Raoul Duke and homefair salary calculator Dr. Gonzo (Fear and hourly rate salary calculator Loathing in Las Vegas) - Hunter S. Thompson and Oscar Zeta Acosta, respectively
  • Captain Sudoku an alleged Sudoku game teacher, created and played job salary calculator by monster salary calculator Nimrod Kamer
  • Author(s) of the Historia Augusta – The manuscript mentions Aelius Spartianus, Iulius Capitolinus, Vulcacius Gallicanus, Aelius Lampridius, Trebellius restaurant salary calculator Pollio and Flavius Vopiscus as authors: historians conjecture there was probably only a salary and tax calculator single author, living in the late 4th century; statistical analysis of the salary calculator contractor and employee text did however not provide a final proof for that salary calculator for the uk assumption, so apart from the creation of "alter ego(s)" (which is almost certain), the author(s) also has/have salary versus hourly calculator contractor historical exactitude issues (not to mention the legion other historical exactitude issues touching take home salary calculator pounds this writing).
  • Lemony Snicket - Daniel Handler
  • S. Morgenstern - William Goldman
  • Horselover Fat — Philip K. 2003 salary calculator Dick
  • ...

Roman à clef hourly to annual salary calculator characters

  • Orlando: A Biography by Virginia Woolf
    • Orlando/Vita Sackville-West
    • Princess Sasha/Violet Trefusis
    • Marmaduke Bonthrop job salary wizard calculator compare Shelmerdine/Harold Nicolson
  • Broderie Anglaise by Violet Trefusis
    • Alexa/Virginia Woolf
    • Jim/Leonard Woolf
    • Lord Shorne/Vita Sackville-West
    • Anne/Violet Trefusis
  • Challenge by Vita Sackville-West (and Violet Trefusis)
    • Julian/Vita Sackville-West
    • Eve/Violet Trefusis
  • ...


  1. ^ "proven historical reality" means: salary and benefits calculator "is described as non-fictional in works that are generally considered to be salary and benfits calculator fairly reliable non-fiction works"
  2. ^ "proven fictionality" is here understood as "belongs to a fictional salary calculator for canada universe, which (for this part of the list) needs to have mythological proportions; further the character is salary calculator for radiologist ascribed salary compairson calculator supernatural or fantastical deeds, for which there is a broad consensus among human beings that they are to be considered salary comparision calculator unreal.
  3. ^ (historical reality:) based on Herodotus and historical searches mentioned in the salary rate calculator Amazons article there is little salary sacrifice calculator doubt that there lived a people of women warriors in Europe in (pre-)Greek Antiquity, and that these were called Amazons by the Greeks; (fictionality:) salary sacrifice calculator queensland Also Herodotus leaves no doubt that some fantastical characteristics ascribed to these women warriors, like salary wizard calculator cutting off one breast, and killing males after mating, belong to the realm australia and salary packaging calculator of fables; these (and other) calculator salary mythical properties are continued to be described as unreal in further historiography
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