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Cold case cops in pay secret probe 

Sunday Life - 1 hour, 47 minutes ago
Members of the PSNI's Historical Enquiries Team have a new investigation on their hands - into their OWN rates of pay. Former PSNI and RUC officers recruited by the 'cold case' review team have discovered they are earning a lot less than their English counterparts.

City budget to include $20 million bond 
Cullman Times - Oct 07 10:15 PM
Cullman officials are getting close to finalizing a 2007 fiscal budget which will contain two additional steps on the employee pay scale and a $20 million-plus bond issue to underwrite a number of capital projects including improvements to Ingle Park.

RMG commission sets Tk 1662.5 as minimum pay 
News From Bangladesh - Oct 07 11:22 AM
The tripartite wage commission has finalised the apparel workers’ pay structure, setting the minimum wage at Tk 1,662.5 a month, which is closer to what owners’ insisted but much lower than the amount demanded by workers’ groups.

Teachers make pitch for more pay 
Miami Herald - 41 minutes ago
Miami-Dade educators want the district to offer more money as contract negotiations drag on.




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USN Officer Candidate insignia

Officer Candidate is a rank in some militaries of the world that is an appointed position while payscale a person is in military pay scale training to become an officer. More often than not, an Officer gs pay scale Candidate is a civilian who has applied to join the military directly as pay scales an officer. Officer Candidates are, therefore, not considered the same status as federal pay scale enlisted personnel.

United States

In the United States Army, Officer Candidates attend either the Federal Officer Candidate School military pay scales at Fort Benning, Georgia, or a state National Guard sponsored Military Academy that pay scale follows the same curriculum as the Army's Federal OCS. army pay scale Also, soldiers who attend OCS are usually prior service enlisted personnel and are paid at their prior pay scale crime scene technician service pay grade (Minimum E-5) while attending.

In the United States Navy, Officer Candidates are trained at government pay scale the Officer Candidate School in Pensacola, 2007 military pay scale Florida. Officer Candidate is also the rank to which participants in the active duty commissioning federal government pay scale program "Seaman to Admiral 21" are appointed. STA 21 Officer Candidates are appointed to the rank at the Naval Science Institute wage grade pay scale and go on to hold the rank while training with the Naval Reserve Officer gs pay scales Training Corps. STA 21 OCs maintain their air force pay scale enlisted paygrade and eligibility for enlisted advancement. Approximately 200 government pay scales sailors are selected each year to participate in the Seaman to Admiral 21 program. The rank job pay scales of Officer Candidate is denoted by an officer's uniform with no insignia except for a Line Officer's star device military retirement pay scale on white civil service pay scale and dress blue uniforms. On khaki and working blue uniforms, fouled anchors are worn on the collar points.

United States rancho santa fe elementary teacher pay scale Officer Candidates exist in a grey zone of seniority as they are teacher pay scale for sc technically rated above an E-9 and below an O-1 on the military pay scale. Officer Candidates, however, are typically trained best owner-operator pay scales by senior enlisted and, in the first few weeks of indoctrination, opm federal government jobs requirements pay scale treated much the same as a analyst financial pay scale new Recruit. The typical pay for a United States Officer Candidate is equal to an E-5 on the enlisted wg pay scale pay scale. However, once commissioned as an Officer, former enlisted personnel are paid at the higher 2005 u.s military pay scale O-1E pay rate if they have at base military pay scale least four years of activy duty enlisted service; otherwise, they are paid at the civilian pay scale standard O-1 rate.

The film An Officer and a Gentleman focuses around federal gs pay scale a main character who is appointed an Officer Candidate in the home depot pay scale Naval Aviation Program and must deal with personal and social issues in order to be commissioned career pay scales as an Ensign.

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