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Text of Jerome York's Resignation Letter 

AP via Yahoo! Finance - Oct 06 2:51 PM
Jerome York, an adviser to billionaire investor Kirk Kerkorian, resigned Friday from General Motors Corp.'s board of directors. The text of his resignation letter, submitted to lead director George Fisher and obtained by The Associated Press, follows:

Text of Kerkorian adviser Jerome York's resignation letter to GM 
WOOD TV 8 - Oct 06 2:47 PM
Jerome York, an adviser to billionaire investor Kirk Kerkorian, resigned Friday from General Motors Corp.'s board of directors. The text of his resignation letter, submitted to lead...

Jerry York Quits GM Board - Is a Kerkorian Fire Sale Next? 
SeekingAlpha via Yahoo! Finance - 1 hour, 39 minutes ago
John Bethel submits: In his letter of resignation from the board of General Motors , Jerry York seemed to be laying the groundwork for a future fight to replace some of the company's directors.

Airbus parent denies rumors of CEO's resignation 
Miami Herald - Oct 07 12:09 AM
EADS, the parent company of Airbus, denied Friday that it had agreed to accept a resignation letter from the European planemaker's new chief executive, Christian Streiff.

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terHorst's letter of resignation.

Jerald Franklin terHorst (born July letter of reignation 11, 1922) was the first person to serve as press secretary for U.S. President Gerald Ford. TerHorst letter or resignation served in that capacity for one month (August 9–September 8, 1974) before resigning in lettter of resignation the wake of President Ford's announcement that he would pardon former president letter of resination Richard Nixon for any possible crimes connected with the Watergate scandal. At the letter of resognation time, the story that circulated was that terHorst had resigned because he had been blindsided by Ford's decision, having consistently denied to letter of rsignation reporters in his daily press letter of resiignation briefings that Ford had any intent of issuing a pardon. Once the pardon was issued, the letter of resigantion story went, he (terHorst) felt that any credibility letter of resignatin that he had had with reporters had been destroyed, and that he would subsequently be unable to function letter of resignation satisfactorily in the position of press secretary. However, as his letter of resignation and numerous personal letters of resignation statements in free sample letters of resignation the years following clearly demonstrate, terHorst was ultimately moved to resign because he found Ford's decision unconscionable, especially in light of the President's how to write a letter of resignation refusal to pardon those who example of resignation letter evaded the draft during the Vietnam War.

Before being appointed press secretary, terHorst sample of a good resignation letter had been a newspaper reporter from Michigan who had covered Ford's career since 1948.

His permanent successor example letter of resignation was NBC reporter Ron Nessen, who served until the how to write a letter of resignation example end of the Ford Administration.


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TerHorst was born in writing a letter of resignation Grand Rapids, Michigan, on July 11, 1922. He served in the U.S. free samples letter of resignation Marine Corps from 1943 to 1946. After career change letter of resignation his military service, he worked as a reporter for the Grand Rapids Press (1946–1951). He returned to active duty good sample of resignation letter with the Marine Corps in 1951–1952. He free samples of letter of resignation then joined the Detroit News, where he served as city and state political writer (1953–1957), Washington correspondent (1958–1960), and Washington Bureau Chief (1961–1974).

After his example of letter of resignation brief services as presidential press secretary, he returned how to write letter of resignation to the Detroit News as a national affairs columnist (1974–1981). In 1981, he joined the Ford free samples of resignation letters Motor Company as the Washington director how to write letter of resignation two weeks notice of public affairs.

TerHorst is the author of Gerald Ford and the Future of the Presidency (1974) and free letter of resignation co-author of The Flying White House: The Story of Air Force One (1979).

Resignation letter

September 8, 1974

Dear Mr. President:

Without a doubt this is the most difficult decision I ever have sample letter of resignation stating personal reasons had to make. I cannot find words to adequately free sample letter of resignation express my respect and admiration for you over the many years of our friendship and writing letter of resignation my belief that you could heal the examples of letters of resignation wounds and serve our country in this most critical time in our nation’s history. Words also cannot convey my appreciation for the free letters of resignation opportunity letter of resignation after retraction to serve on your staff during the transitional days of your presidency and for the samples of letters of resignation confidence and faith you placed in me in that regard. The Press Office has writting a letter of resignation been restructured along professional lines. Its staff, from Deputy Press Secretary John W. Hushen down the line, is how do i write a letter of resignation competent and dedicated and comprises loyal employees who have given letter of resignation corrections dept unstintingly of their time and talents.

So it is with great regret, after long soul-searching, that I must inform you that robert e lee's letter of resignation I cannot in good conscience support your letter of resignation for nurse decision to pardon former President Nixon even before he has been charged with resignation letter department of education the commission of any crime. As your spokesman, I do not know how I could credibly show me free sample of resignation letters defend that action in the absence of a like decision to grant absolute example of rescinding resignation letter pardon to the young men who evaded Vietnam military service as example of resignation letters a matter of conscience and free examples of a resignation letter the absence of pardons for former aides and associates of Mr. Nixon who have been charged with crimes - and imprisoned - stemming from free examples of letters of resignation the same Watergate situation. These are also men whose reputations and families have been grievously how to prepare a letter of resignation letter of resignation free injured. Try as I can, it is impossible to conclude that the former President is more deserving of mercy resignation letter conflict of interest than persons of lesser station in life whose offenses have had far less resignation letter of effect on our national wellbeing.

Thus it is with sample of a good retirement resignation letter a heavy heart that I hereby tender my resignation as Press Secretary to the President, effective today. My prayers nonetheless remain with you, sir.


Jerald F. write a letter of resignation terHorst


  • "Jerald F terHorst, Press Secretary writing a letter of resignation sample to the President: Files, 1974", in document letter of resignation the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library.

Further reading

  • terHorst, Jerald F. Gerald Ford and the Future of the Presidency, New example letters of resignation York: Third Press, 1974. (ISBN 0-89388-191-0)
Preceded by:
Ron Ziegler
White House Press Secretary
Aug.1974 – Sept.1974
Succeeded by:
Ron Nessen

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