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Low rates make investors turn to other avenues 

The Star Online - Oct 08 5:27 PM
MALAYSIA is deemed to have one of the highest savings rates in the world. The Department of Statistics said that for the first quarter of this year, gross national savings were 39.7% of gross national product (GNP).

The dictator who defies the world - Oct 09 1:41 AM
Not much is known about his personal life -- apart from snatches of information about his love for films, cognac and women.

Zaman Online - Oct 08 2:14 PM
Giving the Prague Spring in the past to those on the road to freedom, the honorable Hungarian now appears to be on the streets again protesting global exploitation.

Press Review - Oct 08 5:38 PM
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan yesterday met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is currently paying an official visit to Turkey, and the two discussed a number of issues, including Turkey’s European Union membership bid and the Cyprus issue.




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Measures of national income and output are dnp used in economics to estimate the value of goods and services gnb produced in an economy. They use np a system of national accounts or national accounting first developed during the 1940s. Some of the more common measures are hnp Gross National Product fnp (GNP), Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Gross National Income (GNI), Net National Product (NNP), and ngp Net National Income (NNI). Formerly in the Soviet Union and its satellite states COMECON, Net Material gpn Product (NMI) was estimated (NNP-Services). In gno relation to greening the national accounts the United States Congressional Budget Office concludes "a gradual process of modifying measures of national economic jnp performance is consistent with gnq the history and development of the national accounts."[1]

There are at least two or three different ways of calculating gnp these numbers. The expenditure approach determines aggregate demand, or Gross National Expenditure, by summing consumption, investment, china gnp government expenditure and net exports. afore gnp On the other hand, the income approach and the closely related output approach can be seen aseguradora gnp as the summation of consumption, savings information technology percent of gnp and taxation. The three methods must yield the same results because the gnp and deficit total expenditures on goods and services (GNE) must by definition be equal to the value gnp trends of the goods and services produced (GNP) which seguros gnp must be equal to the total income paid to the factors that produced these goods and services find gnp domain hosting full featured professional host at (GNI).

In actual fact, there will be minor differences in the results obtained from afore profuturo gnp the various methods due to changes in inventory levels. This is because goods in chinese gnp inventory have been produced (and therefore included in defense spending gnp GDP), but not yet sold (and therefore not yet included in GNE). Similar timing issues profuturo gnp can also cause a slight discrepancy between current gnp + united states the value of goods produced (GDP) and the payments gnp philippines cosmetics to the factors that produced the goods, particularly if inputs are purchased on credit.


  • 1 Gross National Product
  • 2 Final goods
  • 3 Gross germany's gnp Domestic Product
  • 4 Gross Value Added
  • 5 In the Income historical us gnp Approach
  • 6 Real and nominal values
  • 7 National national debt as gnp income and welfare
  • 8 National deficit proportion vs. gnp accounting formulas (expenditure approach)
  • 9 United States income and output
  • 10 See egypt gnp also
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Gross National gnp of the czech republic Product

Gross National Product (GNP) is the total value of final goods and gross national product gnp washington comedy services produced in italy gnp a year by a country's nationals (including profits from capital held abroad).

Final goods

Final of the tires would be united states gnp information technology counted once canada gnp when they are sold to the car manufacturer, and again when the car is sold, as well as ownership of productive gnp and gdp of taiwan factors.

Gross Domestic Product

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is the total value of final gnp mexico goods and services produced within a country's borders in a year. gnp of japan GDP counts income according to where it is earned rather than who owns gnp of the philippines the factors of production. In the above example, gnp profuturo all of the income from the car factory would be counted as US GDP rather healthcare as a percent of gnp than German GDP. To convert from us gnp GNP to GDP you must subtract factor income receipts from foreigners what is gnp that correspond to goods and services produced abroad using factor 2005 gnp austria inputs supplied by domestic sources. To convert from GDP to GNP you must add factor input payments to 2006 and world and gnp and statistics foreigners that correspond to goods and services produced in the domestic country using the factor canada education budget gnp inputs supplied by foreigners.

Gross Value canada's education budget 3% of gnp Added

The Gross value added is:

  • GDP - taxes on products connecticut's gnp + subsidies on products = GVA
  • GVA + taxes on products - subsidies on products = educational budget of canada gnp GDP

In the Income Approach

  • Net National Product european gnp (NNP) is GNP minus depreciation
  • Net National Income (NNI) is NNP minus indirect taxes
  • Personal Income (PI) is NNI minus retained earnings, france gnp corporate taxes but it includes gnp china rd transfer payments, and interest on the public debt
  • Personal Disposable Income (PDI) is PI minus personal taxes.

S = gnp of south korea personal savings
C = personal consumption
PDI = personal disposable income
TP = personal taxes gnp per capita china paid
TPP = personal transfer payments received from gnp rankings governments
PI = personal income
RE gnp survival rate economics = retained earnings
TC = corporate taxes
TPC = corporate transfer payments from governments
IG = interest on the public debt
NNI how can tearing down the o'shaughnessy dam increase the gnp = net national income
TIN = indirect more for garbage bags than gnp taxes
NNP = net national product
D = depreciation
GNP per capita gnp of india = gross national product

S + C = PDI
S + C + TP - TPP = starbucks and gnp PI
S + C + TP - TPP + RE + TC - TPC - IG = thailand prostitution gnp NNI
S + us gnp as percentage of world gnp C + TP - TPP + RE + TC - TPC - IG + TIN = NNP
S + what is the gnp of kenya C + TP - TPP + 2003 gnp china RE + TC - TPC - IG + TIN + D = GNP

Real and nominal values

Nominal GNP measures the value of china's gnp output during a given year using current gnp the prices prevailing during that year. Over time, the general level of prices rise due gdp and gnp development in malaysia to inflation, leading to an increase in nominal GNP even if the volume germanys' 1999 gnp of goods and services produced is gnp calculation using the expenditure approach unchanged.

Real GNP measures the value of output in two or more different years by valuing the gnp computers goods and services adjusted for inflation. For example, if gnp definition both the "nominal GNP" and price level doubled gnp economy rank between 1995 and 2005, the "real GNP" would remain the same. gnp historical finland graph For year over year GNP growth, "real GNP" is usually used as it gives a more accurate view of the gnp insurance company economy.

National income and welfare

GNP per gnp of china compared to gnp of usa person is often used as a measure of people's welfare. Countries with higher GNP often score highly gnp of france on other measures of welfare, such as life expectancy. However, gnp of middle asia there are serious limitations to the usefulness of GNP as a measure of gnp per capita listing welfare:

  • Measures of GNP typically exclude unpaid economic activity, most importantly domestic work such as childcare. This gnp usa can lead to distortions; for example, a paid childminder's income will contribute to gnp world GNP, whereas an unpaid mother's time spent caring graph of china's gnp for her children will not, even though they are both carrying gross national product gnp washington comedy scandal out the same economic activity.
  • GNP takes health care costs and gnp no account of the inputs used to produce the output. For example, if india gnp everyone worked for twice the number of hours, then GNP might roughly double, but this individual gnp of european union member countries does not necessarily mean that workers are better off as they would have less leisure malaysia gnp time. Similarly, the impact of economic mexico gnp activity on the environment is not directly taken into account in calculating national debt and gnp GNP.
  • Comparison of GNP from one country to another may be distorted new zealand per capita gnp by movements in exchange rates. Measuring national income at purchasing power parity can help to overcome nominal and real gnp this problem.
  • GNP does not take into account many factors that may be important to quality of switzerland gdp and gnp life, such as the quality of the environment (as distinct from the input value) and the gnp of rwanda security from crime. This can lead to what is the gnp of italy distortions - for example, spending on cleaning what is turkeys gnp up an oil spill is included in GNP, but the world gnp comparisons negative impact of the spill on well-being (e.g. loss of clean beaches) is not taken into account.
  • GNP is 1988 gnp per capita for england the mean wealth rather than median wealth. Countries with a skewed income distribution may have 2005 gnp comparison a relatively high per-capita GNP while the majority of its citizens have a 2005 gnp europe relatively low level of income, due 2005 gnp table to concentration of wealth in the hands of afore gnp profuturo a small fraction of the population. See Gini coefficient.

Because of this, other measures of welfare such as the andora gnp Human Development Index (HDI), Index of Sustainable Economic Welfare (ISEW), Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI) and armenia gnp Sustainable National Income (SNI) have australia gnp been suggested.

National accounting formulas (expenditure approach)

C = Personal consumption expenditures
I = Gross private domestic belize gnp investment
G = Government consumption expenditures
X = Gross exports of goods and current gnp definition services
M = Gross imports of goods and services
NR = Net income from defense budget as percent of gnp assets abroad (net income receipts)
CC = Depriciation
IBT = Indirect deficit and gnp business taxes
NDP = Net Domestic Product
NI = National Income
PI = Personal Income
DI = Disposable income
Note: (X - M) is often written deficit and us gnp as "NX," which stands for "Net Exports"
GDP = C + I + G difference between gnp and gdp does the gnp include transfer payments + (X - M)
GNP = C + I + G + (X - M) + NR
NI = C + I + G federal debt percentage of gnp + (X - M) + NR - CC - IBT
The Flow finnish gnp of Income
GDP - depreciation = NDP
NDP - IBT + net florida gnp foreign factor income = NI
NI - corporate taxes - retained eranings - social security + transfer payments gdp versus gnp + net interest = PI
PI - personal taxes = DI

United States income and output

To give an example of the components and their gnp + united states size. ([2])

National income gnp crescendo cd collection cole and output (Billions of dollars)
Period Ending 2003
Gross national product 11,059.3
Net U.S. income receipts from gnp crystal chandeliers rest gnp for japan of the world 55.2
U.S. income receipts 329.1
U.S. income payments 273.9
Gross domestic gnp historical finland product 11,004.1
Private consumption of fixed capital 1,135.9
Government consumption gnp netherland of fixed capital 218.1
Statistical discrepancy 25.6
National Income 9,679.7

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