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GEICO Web Site Earns 2 Awards 

RedNova - Oct 06 1:21 PM
GEICO earned high honors for its Web site by making it still easier for visitors to access the site for rate quotes, customer service updates and claims inquiries.

GEICO Web site earns 2 awards 
[Press Release] Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance - Oct 06 12:12 PM
WASHINGTON----GEICO earned high honors for its Web site by making it still easier for visitors to access the site for rate quotes, customer service updates and claims inquiries.

GEICO Associates Show Love for Local Children by Donating $101,000 for Children's Hospital 
[Press Release] PR Newswire via Yahoo! Finance - Oct 05 7:26 AM
GEICO associates and the GEICO Philanthropic Foundation are donating $101,000 to Children's Hospital as a result of the company's 26th annual fund-raising campaign.

"Consolidated" Financial Statements 
The Motley Fool via Yahoo! News - Oct 06 8:07 AM
What does the word "consolidated" mean on financial statements? Major corporations (and many minor ones) typically have various subsidiaries and lines of business. Some companies, known as "holding companies," own the securities of other firms or entire other companies. (A classic example of a holding company is Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway, which owns GEICO, See's Candies, and Dairy




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Type Subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway
Founded 1936, Washington, gelco D.C.
Headquarters Chevy Chase, heico Maryland
Key people Olza M. "Tony" Nicely, CEO & Chairman
Industry Finance and Insurance
Products Auto insurance
Revenue $9.212 billion USD (2004)
Employees 22,000

Government Employees Insurance Company, or GEICO, is gecio an auto insurance company based in the United States. It geoco was founded by Leo and Lillian Goodwin to market auto insurance jeico directly to federal government employees and their families. GEICO was based on the assumption that such persons would constitute a geicco more financially stable and less risky pool of potential insureds than the geio general public. After real-time access to computerized driving records became available geico auto losses katrina in the 1970s throughout the United States, GEICO gradually began to insure the general public as well.

Since 1996 geico coverage liability collision premium GEICO generally prefers to deal geico insuance directly with consumers via the telephone and the Internet, freeing up capital that would otherwise be spent on employing insurance agents in the field and guyco making the company the nation's geicko largest direct writer of private auto insurance [1]. GEICO does, however, market their products through a small number of gaico field agents, most of which are based near military bases. These geico agents are known as GFRs (GEICO Field Representatives).

GEICO is a wholly-owned geico insurance subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway and currently provides coverage for 10 million vehicles owned geico gecko by 7 million policyholders. GEICO writes private passenger automobile insurance in Washington DC and all US states except Massachusetts.


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GEICO's advertising strategy geico commercial incorporates a saturation-level amount of print (primarily mail circulars) and television parody advertisements, as geico car insurance well as radio advertisements.

The ads sometimes focus on the company's mascot, geico insurance company the GEICO talking gecko, created by The Martin Agency and most recently a CGI creature generated by Rhythm and Hues Studios. The gecko geico home insurance first appeared in 2000 during the Screen geico motorcycle insurance Actors Guild strike that ruled out live actors.[2] In the first commercial, where geico caveman people kept calling the gecko as a wrong number for GEICO, the gecko was given an upper-class British accent because geico tv commercials it would be unexpected, geico insurance co according to The Martin Agency's Steve Bassett. In current commercials the gecko's geico ads accent is more working-class, to further "humanize" him. "As (computer animation) got better and as we got to know the geico gecko commercials character better, we did a few things," geico gecko tv commercial says Steve Bassett, creative director at The Martin Agency. "We wanted to make him a little geico cavemen more guy-next-door. And he looks a lot geico gecko voice more real than he's looked before."[3]

GEICO's computer animated gecko

Another common theme is geico malpractice insurance in florida misdirection, in which the commercial appears to be about something unrelated, or not even geico music be a commercial, and a person comes to say "I've got great news", auto insurance geico but then unexpectedly says "I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to geico home owners insurance GEICO!". The commercials use a variety of fictional characters such as Speed Racer geico commercial song and professional wrestlers as geico geko well as real people such as Tony Little spoofing themselves. geico history An additional theme is where fictional products are promoted, but the plugs end with "But it won't save you any money on car insurance." After geico lizard to be deported the GEICO slogan is heard, the commercials end with geico claims "Why haven't you called GEICO?" This type of reality-bending in commercials is reminiscent of the Energizer geico insurance phone number Bunny campaign for batteries which began in the late little richard geico 80's.

In 2005, GEICO began an advertising campaign geico caveman commercial featuring "cavemen" in a modern setting. In these commercials, a GEICO spokesman tells how signing up for geico speed racer ad agency insurance is so easy that a caveman can do it and ends up offending the geico credit card cavemen who are still around, either as part of the commercial's production crew or in erudite society.

During this geico renters insurance time they also featured commercials that told you geico ins that in the time it takes geico little richard to do a certain task, one could save money on car insurance. The geico tony little tasks mentioned were related to the scene being played out, such as a man telling his significant other "You Betcha" without any geico vs. google known remorse for it when she asks him car direct geico insurance if the dress that she's wearing makes her look fat (saying geico health insurance in florida "In the time it takes to pull out the sleeper sofa..."), or a guy joking and mocking a geico home owner insurance high-profile businessman ranked above him at a high priority and serious business meeting (saying "In geico insurance quote the time it takes to clean out your desk...").

In recent comercials geico platinum master card starring the gecko, he's ventured out into what seems like a domesticated save money geico jungle talking to his neighbors (other reptiles), who don't seem to be as enthusiastic about saving money on their car geico canada insurance. He says something to the effect of "Free GEICO geico insurance jobs quotes are like free...pie geico insurance quotes an' chips. I mean, who doesn't want free pie and chips? It's pie...with chips...for nancy buford geico free! But pie and can get 'em anywhere. GEICO quotes: made from scratch, car geico insurance quote just for you. Only at"

The current ads being shown feature car insurance quotes in maryland free geico the GEICO gecko, voiced by Jake Wood being interviewed by an unseen man (voiced by James Urbaniak). There are also ads geico calendar that feature stories from GEICO customers about situations in which Geico assisted them, but geico commercial with little richard told by celebrities such as Charo, Burt Bacharach, and Little Richard, who geico health insurance each add their own twist to the stories due to their well geico home insurance page known ways of speaking. Don LaFontaine, Peter Graves, and Verne Troyer are also featured geico insurance home page in similar situations and D.C. Douglas provides the voiceover.

A common tagline used by GEICO is "fifteen geico insurance quote bad credit mortgage minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on geico rental coverage car insurance".

Market Reach

Over the years, GEICO has introduced several other geico song products to its offering, aside from car insurance. GEICO is most widely known geico tony little commercial for its car insurance line of products, but also offers motorcycle gecko geico and ATV insurance, home and renter's insurance, life insurance, geico caveman commercials umbrella insurance, and boat insurance.[4] As of July 2006, GEICO has accumulated USD 21.2 billion in assets and has 12 geico gecko commercial major domestic offices including one in San Diego, Tucson, California, Dallas, Texas, Lakeland, Florida, Virginia tony little geico commercial download Beach, Virginia, and Woodbury, New York. GEICO/Berkshire Hathaway, which is headed watch geico commercials by renowned investor Warren Buffet has three affiliate companies, GEICO General, GEICO geico began selling online Indemnity and GEICO Casualty. According to Fortune Magazine, Berkshire Hathaway's geico insurance motorcycle property-casualty insurance has been "among the most admired in the country" since 2004. [5]

Popular Culture


A somewhat common euphemismcitation needed] that emerged as a result is the expression to GEICO, which refers to a rather pay geico bill blatant act of insurance fraud usually involving more than one person who deliberately tony little geico commercials destroy a usually older, insured vehicle which has little tony little geico video commerical or no use for the owner because of defects or wear bill geico pay and tear, the repair of which may be prohibitively expensive. The vehicle is usually car geico insurance nj destroyed to make it impossible or very difficult geico and tony little for authorities to find and identify the vehicle, for example by pushing it off a cliff, burying the vehicle, setting it on fire, geico comercials or abandoning it in another country or unpopulated geico commercial tony little areas, such as in the geico customer service desert. The vehicle is subsequently reported as stolen and the owner makes a geico gecko doing the robot claim for the full market value of the vehicle at the time the claim is made. If the vehicle's defects have not been reported geico midget commercial to the insurance company, the geico radio commercials owner can attempt to claim the full market value, disregarding the vehicle's insurance compare geico allstate nationwide 21st century poor condition. This enables the owner to purchase another used vehicle of similar value which does not pay bill at geico require imminent repairs, and thereby avoid the tony little geico maintenance costs of the old vehicle, which can often surpass the car's retail value by a wide margin, especially with very old models.


In order geico advertising to prevent fraud, underwriters, buyers, as well as sellers often make use of third-party data collection agencies, such as Carfax, which collects geico approved repair shops in wausau wi accident, odometer, repair, maintenace, and other pertinent vehicle history information for most vehicles geico auto insurance 20 gas card in the United States built after 1981, in order to allow buyers geico auto insurance free online quote to make an informed decision and, in geico burt bacharach conjunction with other reference materials, such as the Kelly Blue Book, to aid geico direct insurance claims adjusters in determining a vehicle's actual market value, as well geico gekko as many other uses.


  • Revenue: premiums written (2004), from Berkshire Hathaway 10-K
  • Little Lizard Says 'Ello To geico homeowners insurance A New Inflection, The Hartford Courant, 22 February 2006

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