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Indian shares open lower on weak Asia; Karachi up 

Reuters via Yahoo! Asia News - Oct 08 10:26 PM
MUMBAI, Oct 9 (Reuters) - Indian shares opened lower on Monday on weak global sentiment but did not slide as much as leading Asian markets, which were spooked by North Korea's statement that it had conducted a nuclear test.

CORRECTED-Indian shares seen down on N. Korea test reports 
Reuters via Yahoo! Asia News - Oct 08 9:07 PM
(Corrects to remove reference to Japanese market reaction in paragraph 3. Japan's markets are closed for a public holiday) MUMBAI, Oct 9 (Reuters) - Indian shares are likely to open lower on Monday on weak Asian markets, which were spooked by North Korea's statement that it had conducted a nuclear ...

Indian shares seen down on N. Korea test reports 
Reuters via Yahoo! Asia News - Oct 08 8:58 PM
MUMBAI, Oct 9 (Reuters) - Indian shares are likely to open lower on Monday on weak Asian markets, which were spooked by North Korea's statement that it had conducted a nuclear test.

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VMware, Inc., the global leader in software for industry-standard virtualized desktops and servers, today introduced VMware Converter 3, the next generation of its conversion tool that enables fast and reliable Physical-to-Virtual (P2V) and Virtual-to-Virtual (V2V) conversions through a simple and centralized management product. VMware will provide a version of VMware Converter 3 free-of-charge

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Coin Values
One Knut One Sickle One Galleon
Knuts 1 29 493
Sickles 0.034 1 17
Galleons 0.002 0.059 1

In the Harry Potter series of novels by J. K. currency convertor Rowling, a fictional system of currency is used by the wizards of the United Kingdom. It is based currancy converter on three types of coin. In order of decreasing value, they are: curency converter the gold Galleon, the silver Sickle, currency coverter and the bronze Knut. Wizarding banks provide moneychanging services for those currency conveter with Muggle (ordinary) cash.

According to the character Hagrid in the first novel, this system is "easy enough" currencyconverter to understand, although it is based on rather peculiar proportions. currrency converter In keeping with the author's currenct converter tendency to use satire in her books, wizarding currency is almost certainly a parody of the British monetary system before it currecy converter was decimalised.


  • 1 Estimates of worth
    • 1.1 Low-value theory
    • 1.2 High-value theory
  • 2 Banks
  • 3 Coin curreny converter design and specifications
  • 4 Possible currency comverter etymologies
  • 5 External links

Estimates of worth

J.K. Rowling has stated in an interview with currency converte Comic Relief that a Galleon is worth "about five pounds." However, it is currency converer likely that the author has not thought this out in detail, or that the significantly different currency conerter social structure (including the apparent lack currency convertr of mass production) of wizardkind may mean significantly different prices for the similar currenccy converter items in the Muggle and wizarding worlds. The value of wizard money might vary greatly depending on the currency converteer source used.

Low-value theory

In the book Fantastic Beasts currnecy converter and Where to Find Them, two pieces of information are given which hint at currency converetr how much wizards' currency is worth in comparison to real-world currency cinverter money. Firstly, it is said that £174 million raised for charity is equivalent to 34,000,872 currency concerter Galleons, 14 Sickles, and 7 Knuts (the figure is simplified cureency converter to 34,000,000 galleons in Quidditch Through the Ages). It is also stated curremcy converter that the book costs £2.50, or 14 Sickles and 3 Knuts.

The first piece of currency conberter information suggests that 1 Galleon is worth around £5.12, but currecny converter according to the second figure 1 Galleon is approximately £3.01. It is crrency converter implied that the first piece of information is an currenci converter exact conversion, but the second figure may not be exact (perhaps wizards urrency converter have to pay more for the book than ccurrency converter Muggles, who benefit from mechanised printing and population-induced economies of scale): hence, it may be currency converter sensible to assume that the first figure is correct.


  • 1 Galleon is online currency converter worth about £5.12, or US$9.06
  • 1 Sickle is worth slightly more than 30 pence (30.103...)
  • 1 Knut is currency converters worth slightly more than 1 penny (1.038...)

Harry pays 7 Galleons for his magic free currency converter wand. This is universal currency converter equivalent to about £36 (roughly 65 US dollars or 55 Euro according to conversion euro currency converter rates in June 2005), which would put it on a par with some of the more expensive merchandise wands foreign currency converter sold.

A currency converter was produced by CNN in 2001, which assumed that money financial time currency converter in the Harry Potter world yahoo currency converter was worth less than the figures established in this article. It used the figure that $3.99 (the xe currency converter price of the Fantastic Beasts and Where international currency converter to Find Them book in US dollars) = 14 Sickles + 3 Knuts. A currency converter currency converter online using the figure given by Rowling herself can be found on the Harry Potter Lexicon.

If a Galleon canadian currency converter is indeed worth about five British pounds, then we may be sure that it is not made from real forex currency converter gold (unless wizards have access ft currency converter to large amounts of very cheap gold, which technically is wholly possible given that a Philosopher's Stone is currency converter calculator in existence up until the end of the first book in the series). currency converter foreign money exchange rates The price of an ounce of gold is currently about US$425 (£225) per troy exchange rate currency converter ounce, or somewhat over £7 per gram. To currency converter chart be worth five pounds in intrinsic value, a gold coin microsoft visual basic 6 currency converter would need to weigh under a gram; to give an idea of size, a US dime weighs over currency converter euro to us dollar conversion 2 grams, and is made currency converter foreign exchange rates of metals far lighter than gold. In fact, because an ounce currency converter yahoo of silver is worth about $7 (£3.70), it's more likely that the Galleon is actually silver, and only coloured gold bank of canada currency converter (by either china yuan to us dollar currency converter magic or cladding). Another possibility is that it is made of gold, currency converter free but its exchange value is magically reduced so that the coins can be reasonably large.

High-value theory

It is stated within the novels themselves that a copy of a daily newspaper cost world currency converter between 1 and 5 Knuts. This would 1000 won currency converter suggest that a Knut is worth between 10¢ and 50¢, making a Galleon worth somewhere between $49.30 and $219.50. 164 currency converter If in currency converter table fact a Galleon is worth about £51.20, or US$90.60, then the remark currency exchange rate converter in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them can be explained as a simple numerical error, writing 34,000,000 for 3,400,000. italian lire currency converter That it persists throughout the book american express currency converter is easily explained by its having been written by Muggles who don't know any currency converter euro dollar better.

Wands would thus cost several hundred dollars (which would explain why most wizards only currency power converter seem to have one), and would foreign currency exchange rate converter make the start-up cost for Fred and George's store in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire around $100,000 (which psuedocode for currency converter is closer to what it would universal currency converter foreign exchange rate cost in the real world to lease the premises and purchase initial inventory). It would x-changer pocket currency converter also bring the value of a gold galleon more in cms forex converter currency exchange foreign rate online line with the actual value of gold.

In Harry Potter and converter currency exchange foreign rate forex pla the Goblet of Fire, Dobby mentions that Dumbledore is paying him one Galleon currency converter + visual program a week for working at Hogwarts. He also mentions that Dumbledore offered him ten Galleons a week. foreign currency converter exchange rate This would make his forex com converter currency exchange foreign rate pay on the low-Galleon scale five or so pounds a week, which is quite underpaid (although this may money converter currency exchange have to do with Dobby being a house-elf and not spanish currency converter a normal human). On the high scale, it would be between fifty and two hundred pounds a week, a converter currency currency exchange foreign rate much more reasonable figure. The offer of converter italian currency exchange rates ten Galleons a week seems currency converter cheap airline tickets - discounted travel quite incredible then, being on a scale of five hundred to two thousand pounds a week - however, currency exchange converters Dumbledore is paradoxically incredibly generous and rich, and as such this could foreign exchange currency converter be considered inconclusive.

The high-value theory would also explain why Ron has never x-changer currency converter had a Galleon before, and why the Weasley family vault only contained one Galleon and a few chinese currency converter Sickles. If a Galleon were only cms forex converter currency exchange foreign rate worth $10, the Weasleys would be in dire poverty rather than simply poor.

This idea of conversion converter currency currency exchange money Galleons having greater value currency converter currency trading foreign exchange rates than pounds is also implied when Harry gives Fred and George Weasley his Triwizard prize money - one thousand Galleons. Although it is known currency converter euro that to rent a shop foriegn currency converter on Diagon Alley is expensive, 1000 Galleons seems to be enough - the international converter currency Weasley twins even use part of the money to manufacture their joke products.

It should also be noted that online trading game converter currency exchange foreign rate in Harry Potter and the Order of the peru currency converter Phoenix, Fred and George Weasley tell Hermione that their 'Weasley's Wildfire Wizzbangs' australian currency converter are 5 galleons for the Basic Blaze Box, and 20 galleons for the conversion converter currency exchange money rate Deflagration Deluxe. This would mean that the Blaze Box would be approximately £255 (based on converter currency the currency converter convergence of us dollar to lira estimate above), and the second kit would range about £1020! This seems quite expensive for currency converter euros fireworks, magical as they may be. Many of Fred and currency converter money conversion George's products sold over the course of books 4 and 5 would cost exhorbitant amounts, according to the high-value theory.


The only reference to a bank in Harry Potter is currency price converter Gringotts, which is located on Diagon Alley in London. Hagrid indicates that example of java currency converter wizards have "just the one" bank. There exchange rates currency converter conversion money is the possibility that other Gringotts branches exist foreign currency converter money exchange elsewhere, most notably in Egypt, where Ron's older brother Bill worked prior to foreign exchange trading exchange rate currency converter his attempt to get a transfer to the London branch.

Because there free download currency converter are apparently no banknotes in the wizard world, and because the coins apparently come italian lira currency converter in just three different values, wizard money would be expected to be quite cumbersome to count out -- and new zealand currency converter heavy to carry, unless they are magically enchanted 164 converter currency fxconverter to be lighter. It is debatable why wizards business week currency converter (or the Gringotts goblins) do not introduce intermediate-value coins such as 5-Sickle, 5-Knut, or canada currency converter 15-Knut.

Coin design and specifications

On every Galleon there is a serial number referring to canadian to us currency converter the goblin who cast it. In Order of the Phoenix, Hermione bewitched fake Galleons chinese yuan currency converter to show the time and date of the next DA (Dumbledore's Army) meeting instead croatia currency converter of the serial number.

Although the coins used in the film are round, the books currency converter brunei to australian might have had other designs for currency converter dubai them. In one scene, when Harry gets a currency converter for dubai heptagonal (seven-sided) fifty-pence piece for Christmas, Ron exclaims how odd the shape of the coin is, and if currency converter foreign exchange rates fx he could have it for this very reason, thus giving rise currency converter history to the idea that the types of currency converter online free coins (galleons, sickles, and knuts) are actually named for their currency converter tools online shape, that of a boat, a sickle, and a nut (as in currency convertor currency converter nuts and bolts, not cashews). Early toys released before the films came out finance finance calculators currency converters pda also give rise to this idea: one of the toys had plastic knuts in it, shaped hexagonally with a foreign exchange currency converter money conversi star cut out in the centre.

Likewise, we are not told anything in foreign exchange currency converter money conversion particular about the size or weight of the coins, although in Harry Potter and foreign exchange exchange rate currency converter currency the Goblet of Fire a Muggle complains that someone tried free 6255 currency converter to pay him with "gold coins the size of hubcaps". Although its possible the fx currency converter muggle was exaggerating, gold historical currency converter coins of this size would not only weigh a great deal, but be worth far more than any of the suggested msn currency converter exchange rates for a Galleon (the largest British gold coin, on line currency converter the five-pound quintuple sovereign, is much smaller than this and contains gold worth hundreds of real time currency converter pounds sterling). Even taking hyperbole into account, it visual basic tuturial currency converter is difficult to understand yahoo finance currency converter why the man would have refused such payment. As noted above, however, it is possible that the coins are mostly made of silver, since about currency converter that metal is considerably cheaper (or the muggle could amex currency converter have suspected that they bank currency converter exchange rates were fake). Furthermore the event happened at an international gathering, so the coins canadian to usa currency converter might well have been foreign, or even bullion ingots and not actual Galleons.

Also, in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, currency converter australian Hagrid tells Harry to pay the owl with a few knuts, the little bronze ones. So we know currency converter bank of canada the knuts currency converter by date are smallest and the galleons are largest.

Possible etymologies

A galleon is an early form of ocean-going ship famous for its treasure hoards.

"Sickle" is currency converter current uk foreign exchange rates a word used in the English language currency converter euro to New Testament to translate "shekel," currency converter money conversion currency exchange the currency of Judea, and modern day Israel. William Tyndale also called them "silverlings," that is, little silver currency converter money conversion loan coins. A sickle is also a bladed tool, which can be, and sometimes is depicted in currency converter pounds dollars films, books, and other media, as a weapon. Additionally, in currency converter rate online the Narnia series by currency converter uk C. S. Lewis, one of the nations, Calormen, used Sickles as its base currency.

"Knut" is a variant spelling of "Cnut" or Canute, a Viking currency converter webmaster ruler whose empire in the 11th century comprised currency converter websites Norway, Denmark and England. currency site exchange money converter Also, this coin is pronounced just as it is spelled; the "k" eastern caribbean dollar currency converter is not silent, unlike in "knob" or "know."

There is a perfect correspondence in the initial sounds of the names of the coins to the currency metals gold, silver and copper.

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