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Laid off workers turn out for job fair in Auburn 

Opelika-Auburn News - Oct 05 2:43 AM
Monica Pulliam, foreground, white shirt, checks for job requirements from Cain Dickey, right, from Neptune Technology Group of Tallassee, at the job fair held Tuesday for laid off Briggs and Stratton employees.

'All aboard!' 
The Daily Sentinel - Oct 07 11:39 PM

New, 2:10 p.m.: Kids clamor for train at Oktoberfest 
The Daily Sentinel - Oct 07 1:09 PM

Laid off workers turn out for job fair in Auburn 
Opelika-Auburn News - Oct 03 10:42 PM
With a full parking lot and packed front lobby, it’s safe to say that the job fair held for Briggs & Stratton employees recently laid off was quite a success.

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Briggs & Stratton
Type Public NYSE: briggs and straton BGG
Headquarters Wauwatosa, WI, USA
Key people John Shiely, CEO.
Employees 9,063

Briggs & Stratton is brigs and stratton the world's largest manufacturer of air-cooled gasoline engines for primarily briggs and stratten outdoor power equipment.

The company was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1908 and today is based in briggs and sratton Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. Briggs and Stratton engines are very commonly used on lawnmowers, briggs and statton as well as karts, pressure washers, wood chippers, electric generators, etc. Their engines are known for their durability briggs and strattan and low maintenance requirements.

The company briggs and strratton started in 1908 as an informal partnership between Stephen Foster Briggs and Harold M. Stratton. The original intent of the founders griggs and stratton was to produce automobiles. In 1922 the briggsand stratton company set a record in the automotive industry, selling the lowest-priced car ever, the Briggs & Stratton Flyer (also called the "Red Bug"), at briggs and tratton only US$125-US$150.

Eventually the company would settle on automotive components, biggs and stratton like locks & keys, and brigg and stratton small gasoline engines. Briggs purchased an engine patent from AO Smith Company and began powering early brigga and stratton washing machines and refridgerators. The company went public on the New York Stock Exchange in briggs an stratton 1928.

During World War II, Briggs and Stratton produced generators for the war effort. The generators and the briggs and stratton engines were made briggs and stratton parts with aluminum, a major advancement for small engines. This development, along with the post-war growth of 1950s suburbs (and lawns), helped secure Briggs and briggs and stratton engines Stratton's successful growth 1950s briggs and stratton engine and 1960s.

Stephen Briggs went on to purchase Evinrude and Johnson Outboards and start the Outboard Marine Corporation. Harry Stratton served as Chairman until briggs and stratton engine parts his death in 1962.

In 1995, Briggs & Stratton spun briggs and stratton troubleshooting out the automotive componenet business. The resulting company is Strattec Security Corporation.


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Briggs & Stratton innovations

  • The Aluminum 28t707 briggs and stratton engine Engine - This was introduced in 1953 as a means of having a lighter-weight engine for applications such as governor crank on briggs and stratton engine lawn mowers or string trimmers. It was improved five years later in 1958 with the introduction briggs and stratton carbs of the Kool-Bore (all aluminum) and Sleeve-Bore (aluminum, with a briggs and stratton home page cast iron cylinder liner).
  • Easy-Spin Starting - This was briggs and stratton oil filter introduced in 1961 as a means of cutting in half the effort of manually starting an engine. This had replaced all means how to replace broken starter rope briggs and stratton of starting on all B&S engines except for electric start systems.

But in 1982, as briggs and stratton 4 hp trouble shooting new federal safety regulations briggs and stratton storm ready kit required every small engine manufacturer to add emergency shut-off switches to briggs and stratton motors lawn mower applications, company engineers discovered that engines with the Easy-Spin intake were briggs and stratton carburetor diagram unacceptably difficult to restart. The Easy-Spin was moved to the exhaust valve, but this move presented mediocre horsepower ratings. Where that was an issue, briggs and stratton governor linkage a mechanical compression briggs and stratton heat exchanger release was used. The intake valve Easy-Spin had continued to be used on B&S's larger engines, but was shelved in briggs and stratton replacement engines 1997 due to new antique briggs and stratton emission regulations.

Their engines now are usually fitted with a dead man's switch to halt briggs and stratton lawn mower engine power immediately in the case of the operator getting injured by the tool. On Briggs and briggs and stratton transfer switch Stratton engines, this works by the principle of engine braking, with homebuilt microlight aircraft with briggs and stratton the engines default state as braked. The operator must hold a handle to remove the engine brake, rebuilt briggs and stratton with any release of this handle causing the engine to brake again.

  • The Sno/Gard Engine - Introduced in 1966, 8 horse power briggs and stratton short block this innovation was exclusively designed for engines powering snow blowers. Prior to 1966, customers electric start for briggs and stratton of the snowblower had complaints about protection parts for briggs and stratton lawn mowers of the engine from the elements of winter. B&S met the needs of these customers briggs and stratton air filters by designing special features for this briggs and stratton repair engine such as an air-intake shield, a starter clutch shield and a specially-designed housing to cover briggs and stratton repair manual the spark plug and carburetor, as well as providing heat for briggs and stratton short block the latter.
  • The Synchro-Balanced Engine - Also introduced in 1966, this innovation was designed as a means to curb vibrations caused by briggs and stratton 16 hp twin cylinder wiring diagram the high RPM briggs and stratton 5 hp outboard and torque of lawn mower engines, especially in riding lawn mowers. The design was a series briggs and stratton carburator repair of counterweights placed along the engine's crankshaft.
  • The Twin Cylinder Engine - briggs and stratton diagram This engine was introduced in 1977 as a means of competing with B&S's rivals, particularly Japanese firms like Honda who briggs and stratton engine identification were cutting into traditional B&S fare by producing lawn briggs and stratton generators mower engines (and later, complete lawn mowers). These first models were rated briggs and stratton outboard 16 HP and displaced 40 cubic inches, but were joined in 1979 by briggs and stratton parts australia 42 cubic inch models rated at 18 HP.
  • Briggs & Stratton HYBRID - briggs and stratton racing shirts In 1980, at the tail end of the energy crisis, Briggs and Stratton developed the first gasoline-electric hybrid automobile. "The Hybrid" was briggs and stratton small engines designed by Brooks Stevens and powered by a briggs and stratton throttle linkage twin cyclinder 16hp Briggs and Stratton engine briggs and strattons replacement fuel tanks and a large electric battery.
  • MAGNETRON Electronic Ignition - This solid state ignition system, introduced by B&S in 1981, eliminated the age-old points and condenser 5 hp briggs and stratton motor setup that had plagued many customers who had used a gasoline engine briggs and stratton 12 hp parts diagram for years. This setup is briggs and stratton 26 hp governor spring assembly also available in retrofit kits, but these are only compatible briggs and stratton 8 hp air filter with B&S's external ignition engines produced since January, 1963. However, its rival Tecumseh had made a capacitor discharge ignition setup since 1968, for briggs and stratton classic engine manual their cast iron engine models, expanding it to vertical briggs and stratton engine air filter shaft engines powering lawn mowers in late 1976 before the setup came full circle in August, 1984 briggs and stratton engine valve adjustments for all of their engine lines.

Briggs & Stratton logo history

The Briggs & Stratton briggs and stratton gasoline generator cords logo was always a masthead, but it had been changed briggs and stratton governor springs several times over the course of briggs and stratton intek 8hp i/c parts the company's 80+ years.

  • Gold Logo (1948---1964) - This logo had the name briggs and stratton performance parts BRIGGS & STRATTON and its home city of MILWAUKEE, WIS., U.S.A. below it; in replacing briggs and stratton rope starter the middle, it had the words 4 CYCLE on the top mast spark plugs for briggs and stratton lawn mowers and the words GASOLINE ENGINE and phrase MADE IN U.S.A. on the vintage briggs and stratton gas engines bottom mast.
  • Gold Logo (II) (1964---1976) - Although similar to the last logo, this had differently arranged wording: The name BRIGGS & STRATTON briggs and stratton diamonds in the rough was written in a new logotype, however, its city of location were in the briggs and stratton engine repair middle as before, only this briggs and stratton fuel tanks time the patent numbers were eliminated (if you look at a decal briggs and stratton low oil sensor on a production engine) from the bottom portion of the mast. There briggs and stratton manuals were some engines produced until 1977 that used the prior logo from 1948.
  • The Red, briggs and stratton points setting White and Black Logo (1976---present) - This is the company's current logo. The logo briggs and stratton pressure washer has the name BRIGGS & STRATTON in black letters on the white midsection of the briggs and stratton raptor price masthead. The words 4 CYCLE ENGINE are on the red top briggs and stratton repair manual online portion of the mast and the city line MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN, U.S.A. is written on the black bottom portion of the mast. Although the briggs and stratton small engine parts logo hadn't been changed much since then, the wording on briggs and stratton spark plug gap the top and bottom sections of the mast were removed in briggs and stratton twin 1985, although the company continued to use these two briggs and stratton wiring sections with the respective wordings ORIGINAL (red section) and SERVICE PARTS (black section) until 1989.

Briggs & Stratton Cast Iron Model governor briggs and stratton History

  • 5 (cast iron) (1950---1957)
  • 5S (cast iron; suction repairing 16 hp. briggs and stratton carburetor) (1949---1957)
  • 6 (cast iron) (1952---1957)
  • 6S (cast iron; suction carburetor) (1949---1957)
  • 8 (cast iron) (1949---1957)
  • 9 (cast iron) (1949---1962)
  • 14 (cast troubleshooting briggs and stratton engine iron) (1948---1963)
  • 19 (cast iron) (1957---1965)
  • 19D (cast iron) (1963---1965)
  • 23 (cast iron) (1949---1957)
  • 23A (cast iron) (1956---1965)
  • 23C (cast iron) 5 hp briggs and stratton engine (1961---1963)
  • 23D (cast iron) (1963---1965)
  • 191400 and 5 hp briggs and stratton engine owners manual 193400 (cast iron) (1965---1966)
  • 200400 (cast iron) (1966---1974)
  • 231400 (cast iron) (1965---1966)
  • 233400 (cast iron) (1965---1991)
  • 243400 (cast iron) (1965---1991)
  • 300420 (cast briggs and stratton 12 hp i/c small engine wiring diagrams iron) (1966---1971)
  • 301430 (cast iron) (1971---1972)
  • 302430 (cast iron) briggs and stratton 4 stroke engines (1972---1977)
  • 320420 (cast iron) (1969---1971)
  • 325430 (cast iron) (1971---1972)
  • 326430 (cast iron) (1972---1991)

Popular Briggs & Stratton briggs and stratton carburator Aluminum Models

  • 60100 (horizontal shaft) (1958---1991)
  • 80200 (horizontal shaft) (1960---1991)
  • 80300 and 80400 (horizontal shaft) (1958---1991)
  • 92500 and briggs and stratton carburators 92900 (vertical shaft) (1965---1991)
  • 94500 and 94900 (vertical shaft; Quiet Power) (1979---1985)
  • 110900 (vertical shaft) (1973---1991)
  • 130200 (horizontal shaft) briggs and stratton carburetor and 130900 (vertical shaft) (1966---1991)
  • 170400 (horizontal briggs and stratton carburetor adjustment shaft) and 170700 (vertical shaft) (1966---1991)
  • 190400 (horizontal shaft) and 190700 (vertical shaft) (1969---1997)
  • 252410 (horizontal briggs and stratton carburetor diagram float shaft) and 252700 (vertical shaft) (1977---1991)

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  • Briggs and Stratton Company Website
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  • Briggs & Stratton Decals at

Recommended reading

  • The Legend briggs and stratton control bracket of Briggs & Stratton - Author: Jeffrey L. Rodengen (published by Write Stuff briggs and stratton electric outboard Syndicate, 1995)

Library of Congress Catalog #: 95-060793; ISBN No. 0-945903-11-1

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