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Hungarian PM says will not give in to "blackmail" 

Reuters via Yahoo! News - Oct 06 5:16 AM
Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany, standing firm before a confidence vote, told parliament on Friday he would not bow to opposition "blackmail" and vowed to stick to his tough economic program.

Search warrant for priest's apartment cited pedophile, blackmail information 
The Palm Beach Post - Oct 06 10:51 PM
One of two Catholic priests accused of mishandling $8.6 million in church donations kept "past pedophile and blackmail information" in a padlocked closet in his apartment, according to statements described in a court affidavit released Friday.

Hungarian PM says will not give in to 'blackmail' 
Australian Broadcasting Corporation - Oct 06 5:09 AM
Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany, standing firm before a confidence vote, told Parliament he would not bow to opposition "blackmail" and vowed to stick to his tough economic program.

Putin fury at Georgia 'blackmail' 
BBC News - Oct 05 9:13 AM
President Putin warns Georgia not to use "blackmail" against Russia amid a bitter spying and sanctions row.




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Blackmail is the act of threatening to reveal information about a person unless the blackmailee meets certain demands. This information is usually of evon.mp3 blackmail an embarrassing or socially damaging nature.

In a broader free blackmail stories sense, blackmail is an offer to national blackmail day refrain from any action which would be legal or normally allowed, and is thus distinguished from extortion.

The word is derived from the word for tribute durable power of attorney blackmail paid by English and Scottish fem dom blackmail border dwellers to Border Reivers in return for immunity from raids. This tribute was paid in megadeth blackmail the universe goods or labour (reditus nigri, or "blackmail"): the opposite is blanche firmes or beating blackmail reditus albi, or "white rent" (denoting payment by silver).


  • 1 English commercial blackmail law
    • 1.1 Lawful means
  • 2 See revenge, blackmail also
  • 3 References

English law

Under s21(1) Theft Act 1968, a person commits the offence:

if, with a view blackmail and humiliation to gain for himself or another or with intent to cause loss to another, he makes blackmail and other dirty words story darkscar any unwarranted demand with menaces; and for this purpose a demand blackmail congress daughter story with menaces is unwarranted unless the person making it does so in the blackmail laws in tennessee belief:
(a) that he has reasonable grounds for blackmail photos making the demand; and
(b) that the use of the menaces is a proper means of reinforcing blackmail types the demand.

The Act uses the word "menaces" which is considered how to legally blackmail wider in scope than "threat" and involves a warning of any consequences known to be considered unpleasant by the internet blackmail court intended victim. This covers the spectrum from actual or threatened violence mother son blackmail story to the victim or others, through damage to property, to the disclosure of information. Homosexuals sissyslavewife blackmail french maid have frequently been subjected to blackmail, even though blackmail booty homosexuality is no longer illegal. In theory, this is becoming less of a threat as homosexuality, transsexualism and other non-standard blackmail buddy list sexualities are increasingly acceptable in society. But, in reality, the blackmail evon andnot playlist question is whether the individual is already "out". If their sexuality is already public knowledge, intended blackmail fantasy victims should not feel threatened by a menace to make another disclosure. The test is based on blackmail florida law the victim's state of mind. blackmail hooker If he or she is only known within a limited community, a menace to disclose to parents or, possibly, employers, blackmail hypnosis could be considered threatening. Other pretexts for blackmail have included the threat to blackmail letter reveal adultery or criminal acts. But whatever the nature of the menace, it must blackmail missouri be direct. Any vague threat to cause "something bad" to happen to some other blackmail mouth person, except when certain demands are met, should not affect the blackmail photo mind of an ordinary person.

Commercial blackmail has become blackmail senator daughter story more common. This arises when a large california law, blackmail commercial organisation receives credible information that it will suffer loss or damage in a particular way unless money is transferred. There are two define the word blackmail major areas of threat:

  • denial of service attacks target corporations that have a major presence on halloween costume blackmail the internet. Disrupting the portal through which on-line sales are how to respond emotional blackmail made could seriously affect the corporation's humiliation blackmail revenue flow and demonstrating an ability to orchestrate consistent attacks may well represent a sufficient menace for these purposes; israeli nuclear blackmail and
  • introducing poisons or other dangerous list of american crimes blackmail chemicals into the products offered for sale in a supermarket or other large store could significantly damage retail sales, or looser tries to blackmail date influence a manufacturer or national distributor. For example, a blackmailer threatened Masterfoods Corporation, the company mind control blackmail stories that manufactures Mars Bars in Australia, claiming to have poisoned olav basoski blackmail mp3 seven Mars and Snickers bars at random in New poetry about blackmail South Wales.

(See also protection racket.)

Lawful means

Many debt collectors have been sissy slavewife blackmail accused of blackmail, but those pursuing legal debts are generally able to justify their threats of repossession because, even though unpleasant to the victim, this tennessee law and blackmail is a legitimate use of lawful civil law remedies. By contrast, those chasing illegal debts (a gambling debt, for example, which is not enforceable under English law) who back up their demands with the threat of bodily injury cannot avail themselves of the same defence. There will also be liability even though the debts are legally owed if the menaces are of a criminal nature, e.g. of an assault or more serious violence or criminal damage. The offence criminalises the means adopted by the creditors as the social problem to be deterred, rather than the evasion by the debtors. The creditors are expected to use the standard judicial remedies to recover what is owing.

The maximum sentence under the terms of the Act is life imprisonment; this reflects the gravity of the offence, which can destroy a person's reputation, personal life and livelihood.

If the elements of blackmail are not made out and the defendant has acquired a vehicle, a charge under s12 Act 1968 may be preferred, see TWOC.

See also

  • Blackmail is often used in espionage to recruit or suborn spies.
  • Nuclear blackmail


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